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Can anyone tell me where I can find old magazines to buy? Magazines like vegetarian times, natural health so on...
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    Ebay sometimes, Flea markets

    Get in touch with the publishers sometimes they have
    older copies.

    I have also bought old mags at antique stores.
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    Yep, I was just going to say eBay as well.

    Also, you can run specific Google searches. Sometimes you'll uncover individual sellers that way. As a bonus, you'll often find eBay and CraigsList listings as well, since they often get indexed fairly quickly.

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    Without knowing what you mean by 'old' you may want to do a search for public domain magazines. I don't know if Project Gutenburg has any digitized, but, if they do, they are free to download.

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      Half Price Books (a used bookstore chain with branches in several states) used to have a section for old magazines. Disclaimer: I haven't checked it out for a few years.

      The nice thing about finding them locally is that you can browse through the mags.

      If you don't have a Half Price Books in your area, try calling around to a few used bookstores. I've found several over the years that sell magazines.

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        Thrift stores, also try placing online ads in free classifieds. Recycler.com, garage sales, that's all I can think of right now.

        How old was an excellent question. Good luck, Eva
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          Smaller, lower traffic thrift stores run by local
          churches and whatnot often have periodicals.

          Salvation Army and other big ones probably just
          recycle them.

          Flee Markets are a great source for old paper too.
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            Much obliged all for your answers. I will look into all of these possibilities.

            What I meant old means anywhere between 1980 and last year. Not very old and vintage.

            Thanks for asking that.
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              Magazine publishers often have LOTS of old copies laying about.
              Each department would have their own file copies, at the very least. They do cull them every now and then, so you never know your luck. Give them a call & see if they have any excess copies they're willing to part with.

              Saying you're interested in advertising with them and asking for back issues is a standard request, however, you'll only receive the last few issues.

              Also, try your library. If your local one isn't of any help, state and national libraries will be the best bet. As would any university library.

              Good luck!

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                You can try Amazon.com. Individuals or maybe even the publishers themselves might sell off older issues.

                Library sales may be another option.

                Garage sales and estate sales are other possibilities as well.

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    Ebay is the obvious choice but the other suggestions above are great also

    Also look online for any shows specializing in this - they normally give you a list of vendors - you can uncover some gems this way!

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