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I'm planning to write a few long blog entries about different libraries of the Java language and I'm looking for the best way to monetize them. It's a complete new world for me and when I was doing some research into affiliate programs I was mesmerized: how I could have missed all this while working as a web developer? There is an entire ecosystem out there to support those 'online affiliates' programs.

The rationale for me is: if you are going to write an article where companies a,b and c are referenced, I suppose that those companies might be interested on putting a banner on the page. So (maybe this is too good to be true) a possible approach would be to send an email to them, explain what I intend to do and, if they are interested, use some kind of external service that acts as a "referee" counting the clicks per ad.

Is this a real business model working now in the web? Are there that kind of companies? Or is all this blissful thinking from a newbie in this world? I can see people reading the article and, if they find it interesting, clicking on the links to visit the companies

Any comment would be really welcome.

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    My best suggestion would be to sign up with ComissionJunction or Linkshare and see if the company you are looking for is registered with them. They will then have banners/text you can place on your site once they approve you.

    Alternatively, you can visit the companies site directly. If a company has an affiliate program you will usually see a small link toward the bottom of the page "affiliates" that provides you more information. If you can't find them either of those ways, send them an e-mail directly.
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  • You want to monetize articles or sell scripts?

    Who is going to read the articles? What can you offer them that is directly related? Check RegNow and other Software resources and see if there is a comparable product you can sell. Use Adsense or a related CPA offer.

    Selling a direct Advertisement to the company manufacturing the product seems like a real long shot for a start up.
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    Thank you for help. It's really appreciated.

    @Rebecca - I didn't find any affiliate program so I'm going to send them an email as you suggested. I wonder what their reaction will be. My article is pretty critical with their product (and for good reasons).

    @InternetMarketingIQ - I want to monetize articles. I was what is called a "Java Architect" and I've been working for 11 years in a corporate environment (now I've gone freelance). I want to publish in-depth articles about some products I've used while they are still hot. They are targeted mainly at corporate costumers, concretely at IT managers, software decision-makers and technical team leaders who can influence buy decisions.

    Yes, it's completely related (they are major players in that field). In this case the article is critical with their product though. I don't know what will be -if they ever put a banner on it- their reaction after reading it. Somehow I feel evil either way: I don't want compromise the quality of the article a single bit but, if they ever put an ad on it they will be... surprised.

    Thanks for your suggestion. I'm going to visit those sites right away (but I fear that this is such a nice market that it's going to be hard to find comparable products).
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    @InternetMarketingIQ One extra question. Do you know if is there a way to search across all the possible affiliate programs? Or you must go site-by-site?
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    Very simple way to monetize your skill in java. You can find good affiliate programs or guideline video affiliate are available. Find among one, start your online career with clickbank, commission junction, paydotcom, linkshare etc.

    Prepare a video of your skill and especially direct explaining video got more views instead of putting attractive text line. Post 2-3 minutes video in Youtube, Metacafe, and related sites.

    In the description page put your affiliate link or your site name. Put your affiliate link under every article you post it in your blog. This will create a professional look. Try it
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