Any recommended Niche Keyword Tool?

by CS
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I am going to buy a Niche Keyword Tool
Some of the best tool I can think of are:

Micro Niche Finder
Keyword Elite
Market Samurai

But I can't make decision which one is the best tools.

Have anyone used all these tools before, which one is the best?

Thank you.
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    I have seen many people recommend and use MNF. Let's see what folks on this thread think
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    As for me, Google Keyword Tool is excellent.

    I also recommend Web CEO.
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    I heard from very respectable marketers that Keyword Elite and Market Samurai is the best tools.
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    I always recommend google keyword tool. because every website is designed to become google friendly for getting better traffic. Even if we do affiliate marketing like adwords, yahoosearch marketing ppc program, we can get a suggessions from google.

    it has many usages, we can track CPC cost per click of the keyword, so there is a good chance to monetize our site or blog for adsense or some ad publishing programes.

    I recommend google keyword tool
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      I would say that it depends on what you want to achieve. Some tools are good for keywords research, some for PPC, and some for creating niche blogs. I myself use not only Google's tools, but also Ad Word Analyzer and WordTracker.

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        Market Samurai gets my vote!
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    Wordtracker and Google Keyword Tool

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      They're all good in their own way but Market Samurai gets my vote. Helps you know if its worth going for a niche or not.
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    Market Samurai by far - Not only make a full keyword research with a lot of analysis tools but also help you find your competition, articles related to the keyword, and products.

    Niche Browser is a really good tool too, you give the keyword and you can make integrated searches for pages, pictures, articles, videos, products, keyword related in many SE.
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    Market Samurai gets my vote, too. It gets most of its data from the Google Keyword Tool (free use), but Market Samurai's analytical feature are well worth the small price.

    Be sure to watch the excellent training videos to accelerate the learning curve and to get inspiration regarding new ways to think about and use the data.

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    I always used to reccomend the Google External Keyword Tool untill I came into contact with Market Samurai which now also just got my vote

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    Market Samurai is fantastic, in addition to keyword research it has useful modules like the 'rank tracker' and 'competitor analysis', and gives access to many good training videos - gets my vote.
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    Marketsamurai for me. Don't really need anything else
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      You don't have it listed up there but I really think Google's Google Suggest feature is excellent.

      In case you don't know what it it - when you start typing into the google search bar, a drop down list appears. That's Google Suggest.

      Let's say for example you are building a niche site and it's around a specific location. Let's try "Car Service" + your location - say Los Angeles

      "Car service los angeles"

      allintitle:car service los angeles - Google Search - not a whole lot of competition

      Here's some free Google suggest software that may be useful.

      But out of those products you've listed I would say Keyword Elite, then GKWT.
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    Market Samurai is good - and if you sign up to the 30 Day challenge (I can't remember the web address, but Google it and it will appear), you get it free for 30 days along with video courses on how to use it


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    MNF for me. I love it.
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    market samurai for me too.. I did try micro niche finder but found it to be nowhere as good in terms of the stats it creates. That was well over year ago though, so it may have got better in that time.
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      Market Samurai is my #1 tool. But I still own Keyword Elite, so sometimes I'll start my my keyword research by generating huge keyword lists with KE or Google Keywords. I then run them through Market Samurai and start filtering down.
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    I tried google keyword tool. It is really useful.
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      Micro Niche Finder seems to be the one that is highly recommended by many IMers & as a bonus it has an easy learning curve.
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    I use MNF. Just buy one first and master it. Make some money, and then check out the other tools if you still think it will help you find better niches. This will help you avoid spending too much time on decisions such as these.

    Worse case scenario is that you can't get the first tool you buy to work too well for you and so you get a refund within the period and then try another, but try not to fall into over-analyzing these types of things. They all work fairly well. What is more important is knowing how to analyze which keywords and niches are profitable and that you're able to rank for without much effort to start making some money.

    Even if you had no money to invest in a keyword tool, you could use Google's along with other free tools such as SEO For Firefox and find niches.. the only problem is that can take a bit more time if you are new to analyzing keywords and niches.

    My advice is to try to move forward and don't let this take too much of your time.
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    I have always used market samurai, its easy for beginners, it keeps things simple and gives a good hawk's eye view.
    It helps me have my focus ultra and concentration on the high which i want when i am working
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      I've never used Market Samurai so I can not comment on that one. I do use Micro Niche Finder and it's fantastic. They make upgrades on a fairly regular basis and I really like their strength of competition indicator and the new measure of backlinks indicator in that tool.

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    Hmm - I've tried Niche but prefer Google.....

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    Google Keyword Tool is best free version.

    For really drilling down - Keyword Elite best pro version.

    Stop pointing to your signature

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