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Hi, I am thinking of getting an ebook created for my niche on my blog which is in the process of being developed now.

Do you think this is a good idea, and if so should I give it away as an enticement to opt in or should I sell it.

Regards, Mick.
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    Hi Mick,

    There's quite a few choices to make in regard to this scenario.

    However from my experience I'd give a chapter or two away for free and include a link to the salespage (get it written if you haven't already) for the full product.

    Don't tell your potential subscribers you are only giving away part of a product. Maybe rename this shortened product - use something catchy and relevant to your niche - so your potential subscribers will be delighted to get their hands on a completely free and unique product that solves a pressing problem.

    The key to make this strategy work is to make the FREE product incomplete and the only way to make it complete is for your subscriber to buy the FULL product.

    Set-up your autoresponder sequence to promote your FULL paid product for 5/7 emails and hopefully the sales will come in.

    Just an idea and one that has previously worked well for me.

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    Hi Mick,

    Since you are still in the thinking stage, and it sounds like maybe you are having it outsourced, here's what I would do.

    Set up an attractive squeeze page with a totally free separate report for your niche to giveaway and capture email addresses. They also will be signed up to your autoresponder series.

    That means also get an autoresponder series done, that promotes your ebook and maybe even competitors affiliate offers, and any other upsells or backends that you may have in place.

    Your free report will mainly promote your main ebook product, but at the same time give out useful information that makes them want more.

    Set up a branded version of the free report along with an affiliate program, so anybody downloading the report can brand it with their name and affiliate id and make money from it. This will make it go more viral.

    Then with the main ebook, before you launch it, make sure you have some kind of back end built in, inside it, not too blatant, but cater to them wanting even more info. An OTO, one time offer can be considered here as well. Also make sure you figure out your future strategy as far as rights go if you decide to ever sell rights to the ebook.

    Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, and PLR all have different marketing strategies, so if you do decide to offer any kind of rights later on, don't just throw a label on it. You need to have the proper system in place to maximize your profits depending on which way you go.


    Need Help? GeorgeSepich.com Digital Marketing Solutions From George Sepich.

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      Hey mate...

      You have gotten some great advice...
      I think it is a great idea to have an offer for your blog, to intice people to sign up and for you to start building a list..
      Because without a list it is like having a shop with no one to sell to..

      What I would do is either buy a PLR product and go through it and alter it to your liking (just be sure to read the rights of the PLR product you are purchasing)

      I would then get a new ebook cover for it...
      Set up your autoresponder sequence with aweber so you can keep in constant contact with your list...

      But i personally think if you are going to spend time creating your own product.. Spend sometime on creating a high quality product that you can sell to your list ...

      Because i feel you are spending your time you might as well create a product that grows your reputation online and when you feel the product has had its day, you can then use it as bonuses for your other sites...

      I think i read in an early resonse in this thread, that someone was pointing you in the direction of outsourcing, this is a great idea as it will free you up for new ideas with you IM business..

      For example you hire a ghost writer, you tell them the product you would like to create.
      You then give them the keypoints you want in the ebook, report or whatever you are creating and get them to write it for you!!

      Anyways I could go on all day about this...
      I hope this helps...

      Take Care..

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    Some great advice there, and many thanks I will take it on board, Mick

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