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Is there a fake ezine article publisher or is EzineArticles.biz - Ezine Articles the real deal? Because if this is the gold standard, then I am just a little surprised.

A few days ago I opened an account at the above web address and submitted my first article. Went ok but I was surprised that when I checked TOS I got "We were unable to find the page you requested...". Article guidelines got a blank page. On revisits I try to log in and get a blank page more times than not. But as there is no way I can find to submit an article other than going through the log in link, how do you manage to submit articles?

I wouldn't be wasteing my time on this if I had not seen so many people rave about EZ Articles as so far either there is a real site other than the web address I listed, or this place is pretty much a joke. How they get such a good reputation is a mystery to me.

Feedback please. Please tell me my Google search gave me a wrong address to the real site everyone raves about.
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