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Since I outsource some of my article writing, I want to run the articles through Copy Scape before submitting them to the article directories.

It seems that whatever content I put in their text search some sort of results pop up, even if it's articles that I have written.

My question is this normal and to be completely safe would I have to get zero results? What amount of duplicate content is accepted?

Please let me know if you have experience with this.

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    I work as a full time content writer so I have a lot of tools that analyze what I write. I have found that no matter what niche I am writing for, and no matter what style I am writing in, everything that I write has about a 12% to 20% similarity. I can only guess that this is because you only have so many words to choose from. Honestly, if you choose two sets of 100 words from different niches from different sites and compared them, it would be almost impossible to NOT have at least 10 or 12 words in common.

    I don't have a lot of experience with Copyscape (only some minimal stuff), but if you are putting in a 500 word article, I would guess that there is a lot of content around the internet that will have a few phrases in common.

    Based on how I write, you could expect to find 12% to 20% of your 500 words, written somewhere else just by chance. Hope that helps.

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    Copyscape has alot to do with patterns of words for example if you have titles...

    apple pear strawberry... if you change them around

    strawberry pear will pass them and google

    also another method is to break up 3 word patterns by adding a new word for example...

    Strawberry berry pear melon adding two new words you'll pass copyscape and google filter.

    I have had to do this recently with a couple of my own sites....when I got to less than about 30% similar my other website showed up in google serps targetting the same keyword.

    Copyscape is excellent for letting you know where you are with the changes you make.
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    I used copyscape on my sales letter and have 0 other results showing. I am not surew how they measure it I used lots of comon words etc interesting how they will say duplicate for some and not for others.

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