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Hi guys, looking for lots of help please. I am new to internet marketing, I would like to know where to go to get a website, product etc.
what is hosting? and what is all of this bandwidth stuff.
I was told I also need c panel to get started is this correct?
It's all a bit confusing I was told this is the place to go for advise on internet marketing so here I am.
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    Hi Pendragon - for each of those things you need to learn about, go ahead and do a search here on the Warrior Forum...you'll learn a ton of stuff!
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    Thanks Lisa and Cesar I think I'll start here before I go to google don't worry about the 3 days more like 3 years
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    Read through this forum. it helps if you find a niche and stick with that.Something you know and have experience with is a good place to start.
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      Hey Pendragon,

      The questions you're asking are good ones, but they're not necessary sequential, nor are they the place to begin.

      Before you think about setting up a website and all that goes along with it, you need to do some research and reflection.

      Spend some time on this forum researching various business model ideas - as there are many - niche blogging, article marketing, CPA, affiliate marketing, product creation, and others.

      The most important first step is reflecting upon what your interests are, what motivates you, etc. You should move in a direction that holds enough interest to you so that you can sustain the energy to continue day in and day out.

      Don't be afraid to try out new ideas and methods, but don't feel like you have to buy every ebook on the planet before you get started, either. Research and reflect, and then take action.

      And remember that so-called 'failures' are an important part of the process, because they give us a keen opportunity to learn, refine, redirect.

      Good luck!



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    Originally Posted by pendragon 3 View Post

    Hi guys, looking for lots of help please. I am new to internet marketing, I would like to know where to go to get a website, product etc.
    what is hosting? and what is all of this bandwidth stuff.
    I was told I also need c panel to get started is this correct?
    It's all a bit confusing I was told this is the place to go for advise on internet marketing so here I am.
    You might not need a website.

    You may not need hosting.

    Bandwidth may never be an issue for you.

    You might not need a cpanel.

    Now, a product to promote - yes. You will need that. Of course, I'm lumping in product with "service." Basically you need something to sell.

    In order to figure out what type of product you are going to promote you can go 2 ways.

    You can choose a niche, or you can choose any product you like (and the niche chooses you. )

    2 things you need to get started, and those will dictate some of the other things you may or may not need.

    A product/niche, and then a marketing plan.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    Looks like you already have some good pointers and places, to begin, one of the most important parts of learning is to read, a lot of people will tell you to jump in and start right away, but really that is not the best advice, the best method is to learn first, find those that have been doing this for a long time and learn from the mistakes they made.

    check out some of the blogs, and sit on your wallet until and unless you know that what you spend will benefit you.

    For instance, dont buy a video, before you have a good understanding of how a website works, that is like putting the donkey before the horse, it is common sense, but you might be surprised at how many people make that mistake later realizing that they really did not need a video made at all.

    hope you found this helpful, I think really one of the best investments you can make it so join the war room, pays for itself very quickly in free products.

    have a good one.

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      Hi tim, thanks for your advice and thanks to everyone else I've taken the plunge and joined the warrior room so I am now a proud member . most of the replies I got was from warrior room members so I know it's a point in the right direction I will try to take my time and read read read. once again many thanks
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        Joining the war room was certainly a good idea. It may increase your information overload, though...

        My advice would be:
        Start with the basics and then make it a habit to take action. Try to understand the fundamentals and then learn by doing.

        Once you know what keywords are, what a niche is, what a hoplink is... you can start doing things. You'll learn new things every day, so don't wait until you understand "everything"... that will never happen.


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    Hi pendragon 3,

    The Best Things you can do is give your IM a start in following simplest way...

    There are two basic things of IM---Product and Promotion(Traffic)

    For Product:
    1- Go to clickbank.com (info product website) and get registered as affiliate there...its free...
    2- Go to marketplace and search a product in your favourite category...
    3- Get your hoplink...(it's link contain your details and that you will use to promote the product if someone will make sale through this link you will get the Commission in Dollars in you Clickbank account)

    Now you have got the Hopelink...Next Step is promoting this Hopelink...

    For this purpose the simplest way for you would be...

    1- Go and get registered to Goarticles.com
    2- Write An Article After doing keyword research on https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

    Try to find out low competition keywords...No. of searches under 10k (simply google your keyword in "keyword" in google.com it should be less than 10k )... searches might be in btw 1k to 3k...
    3- Put your hopelink at the end of article....
    4- Publish Article...It will go live...

    Now final part is to backlink this articles'URL through diff ways...Untill it reached to first page of google...

    Repeat the process...

    Be bit creative and see what other guys doing on goarticle.com

    This is the simplest process that i have shared with you...and you dont need website at this stage....

    Think Big...Start Small...& Act Now...

    Wish you all the best for your future....

    To Your Success

    Love the Humanity...:)

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    Hosting is another word for renting a little space on the internet. Without hosting your website will stay offline so you'll definitely need to learn about it. 1-2-3 reg is a good site where you can get both your domain name and hosting together for relatively cheap.
    Hope this helps.
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    You should hang around here for a while and get familiar with how to use the SEARCH button.
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    I'm concerned you might be making the mistake I've made in IM for many years. You can get bogged down in technicality forever more. After a while may can find you're not any further forward, and you're in deeper with even more things you don't understand.

    Find an approach that's not complex. Right now that may seem to you more easily said than done. Seek out that road, you'll find it. Good luck

    Edited to add a web address I believe you'll find useful. It would have saved me a couple of years at least: www.IMREPORTCARD.COM
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    There are many ways for you to get started online, however, some will have a bigger learning curve then others. So, it is vitally important you create a plan, and stick to it, until you understand and learn.

    With that being said, I suggest that you soak up as much as you can, will you use free methods to create your base of knowledge of how the internet works.

    So, where I would being, is start reading, watching videos, asking questions here on the forum, and become self-educated on the subject of internet marketing. In addition, to the putting in to practice, I would recommend this strategy.

    1. Find a Market (NOT THE INTERNET MARKETING NICHE - it is way to competitive)
    - In order to find something to sell, Here is a video that will show you how to find a good Clickbank product to promote.


    Once you have found a product to sell, you then need to start doing the keyword research. The goal here is to find where you can penetrate the market by focusing on low hanging fruit, which is just a fancy way of saying easy to rank for keywords.

    Quick run down on how to do keyword research:

    Couple of things to note on keyword research, you want to start with commercial intended keywords. Which will have a higher probability of the visitor buying something. Here is a free tool that will do that for you.

    Detecting Online Commercial Intention: Audience Intelligence: adCenter Labs

    Alright, at this point you should be exhausted, but still motivated. In addition, you should have already pick a product on clickbank and done your keyword research. Congrats on going this far.

    The next thing is, we need a platform to present the product. I would recommend using Squidoo, it is a free platform, and it is great for getting started. Now to optimize your lens, your going to need to create/collect some content, videos, images.

    For the content, I recommend writing it yourself.
    For the Videos, you can just put Youtube videos on there.
    For the images, I would recommend using the stock images provided by the merchant.

    Basically what I would do is write a review of the product. So make a detailed review of the product you choose on squidoo. Within this review, you will want to show how it has help people do what every the product claims to help them do. In addition, you want to show some type proof that the product works.

    So build a review lens, and use the commercial indented keyword on the lens.

    After you have build then lens, it is time to start driving traffic to the lens. This is were article marketing comes in. Start writing articles that have at least 400 words, make them informative and helpful.

    After you write an article, first submit it to Associated Content for upfront payment, w/ non-exclusive rights. This way you get paid for writing. After it is appoved on Associated Content, then submit it to Ezinearticles.

    You will want to write at least 30 articles, but it is vital that you do not start in the internet marketing niche, you will never get ranked using this method.

    As a bonus you can also comment on other related lens, that will also drive traffic.

    By starting this way, I have found that you build up your knowledge on internet marketing, first by reading about it, then by putting it into action.

    I hope that helped
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      Hi Nickolie0990, thanks for all of your info I've spent some time over at clickbank ,another warrior member gave same advise. WOW such an array of products I do have a few products in mind however once you have your product is it better to choose by Popularity or Gravity. I have watched the video very helpful.I think I'll deal with that a little later many thanks
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