The potential in freelancing on the Warrior Forum?

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I've not exactly been a member for long but I've been taking advice onboard from people here and have decided that doing some freelancing is probably best for me. It's something I can work around my studies more effectively, and it seems to be a sure way to make a bit of money right off the mark.

My question is, what are the potential earnings one can get from being a Warrior For Hire? What sort of services are most in demand and generate the most money?

It'd be cool to hear from people that freelance here or know stuff about it. I'm looking to find out what I could realistically earn in a month. $1000 would be nice. I'm interested in doing Wordpress stuff.
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    Tough question... I think you need to beat prices by freelancers in GAT or SL, unless you have real cheap price to offer like creating sales page, squeeze page, ebook covers, etc... wordpress is like an esay stupp which most people ar familiar ith..
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    As someone who sometimes hires folks from the WF I'll tell you what I look for before hiring them..

    Repuation - their join date, post count, thanks given, thanks received, how they contribute to the community
    Quality of work - seeing examples of what they produce
    Feedback - comments from other customers in their thread

    If someone looks like they will do any old job to make some cash, I won't bother, but if it looks like they are an expert in what they are offering, and all of the above checks out, I'll bite.
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    MJ has it right. As you can see...he did NOT mention price. Fact is, I many quite few thousand each month from writing just from the WF. The other freelance sites mentioned, the freelance ones, are actually more geared toward price...the serious Warriors want quality, reputation, and service.

    Personally, I think if you offer a quality service, and follow the template of others on the Warriors for Hire section, I think it would be hard NOT to make AT LEAST $1000 per month.

    Mac the Knife
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    My experience from being here is, add value to the forum. Help others out when possible, use your sig file for your site and/or services and in time, the work will come.

    Takes time, but can be very effective.


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    Honestly I would try and poise yourself as doing a service no one else is doing or offering some high end services or you'll be stuck doing what I'd call grunt work and fighting the competition. Try and find a way to differentiate yourself from the rest or you'll get into bidding wars. Just some advice from a freelance web designer. Also, make sure to not bid your time too low.

    -Safe Travels
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    I'm a college student too and I do freelance work through the forum here. I write articles for tons of people and I get almost all of my work through the Warrior Forum. If you want to earn $1000 a month, that's totally do-able. I bet I've made that in two weeks before easy. It takes a lot of hard work but you can work it around your studies.

    Just open up a classified ad and advertise what you want to do. Make sure that you always produce high quality work and exceed expectations. There is definitely earnings potential here. Good luck.

    -Noah Whitmore
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    Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about my posts. I'd like to hear from you!
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      You probably can make $1000 a month. However, that should be only one of the way to look at the earning. The other one should be - how much you would be earning per hour. And from what I saw, it sometimes seems less than you would earn flipping burgers. So the question is - do you want to position yourself that low? If it is just the overall sum of money you need - are there some other options (online or offline), that can bring that money for less number of work hours?
      I personally hate to see good designers, copywriters and programmers working for less money than average workers. If you go to have an oil changed, you pay $25. Yet some people seem to make a whole web site, design a logo or write five 500-word articles for that amount of money. Do you really want and NEED to be part of that crowd?
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    The Warrior Forum is a fantastic place to offer freelancing services and it's been massively helpful to me in the past year or so. I've found that as long as you have no shortage of quality services to offer, there is no shortage of quality clients.

    The other outstanding thing about freelancing here, that you won't find anywhere else, is the opportunity to learn from the interactions with your clients. Just moving in internet marketing circles is basically a process of osmosis learning and you steadily become so much better equipped to both manage your own private endeavors and to serve your clients.

    I too started here offering various Wordpress related service and I found there was always plenty of work for me. However, I can give you a tip based on my experience.

    Choose one specific package or service that you can offer in one Warriors for Hire thread. When I began I offered everything under the sun, but I found I then had to spend around half of my time scoping and quoting on every possible job under the sun. Some weeks I spent more time quoting than I did working. Things went much more smoothly and productively when I decided to concentrate solely on creating Wordpress themes.

    It is better if you come up with one specific offer, such as setting up blogs with a certain set of characteristics. If you have more than one service, you can get more than one thread and that way things stay far more organized.

    Also, as said above, be ready to offer cut price work to give people the chance to see what you can do, and to earn the trust of the forum members. Try to contribute as much to the community as you can as well. There's a whole lot of karma going around in this board and whenever you stumble on something you think can help people here, share as much as you can.

    By the way I recently dropped web design all together and moved into writing ebooks, and I've been booked solid since the New Year. So yes, for sure, give freelancing here a go and if you have a quality service to offer you should do well.
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    There are some great points here in this thread. I thought I would share with you my experience. Whilst I'm relatively new to the Warrior Forum, I started freelancing on Digital Point forums quite a while ago. And, though I didn't start of charging very high rates, I still made way more than $1000 a month.

    But, like I said, at first I thought I had to work based on cheap prices. In fact, Digital Point are notorious for shoddy writers at insanely cheap prices. Just by reading job descriptions, being responsive, using proper English and not disappearing on my clients without a trace, I was already a million miles above many of the other writers there.

    The situation is not exactly the same here at WF, but the same holds true even for Wordpress freelance work like you are interested in. Don't undersell yourself, though of course be prepared to do a bit of testing to discover what rate works for you at first, especially while you are still gathering a reputation. Just show that you are honest, reliable and consistent and things will keep going nicely. By doing that myself I get most of my business from referrals, and don't need to worry about advertising my services anymore. It also helps to make helpful posts around the forum, like others have mentioned, as you'll find yourself getting work requests without even asking for them.

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    Thank you all for the advice. I think I will probably start by offering some WordPress services. I can always start a separate ad for something such as writing services, as I'm not a bad writer. And I set a goal of $1000 rather than something like $5000 because I like to aim for something realistic. At this stage I'm confident I can meet that goal.
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