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Hi all,

I want to get some opinions on my shopping cart abandonment rate when using 1shoppingcart and paypal. On one of my sites i was previously using a direct paypal buy button, but just recently changed it over to incorporate it into my account. Now the good (and alarming) thing is i can now see to some degree how many people are aborting my order page instead of purchasing as every now and then im getting an order come through in my account but no payment in paypal. These people have filled in thier name address etc but have then decided to leave (i am assuming).

My no. 1 suspicion...

Is that when they fill in their details and scroll down to the bottom of the page they see the paypal logo selected as the payment processor and get freaked out and leave. I say this because i have had a couple of people email me and ask me if they can pay by credit card instead of paypal. yes its true!

Is anyone else seeing this happen to them?

Do you think a gateway would help so customers can enter their cc info on the same page instead of logging into paypal?

Interested in your opinions

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    To be perfectly honest, the first time I saw the name 'PayPal' a few years ago I thought it was a scam and categorised it with the likes of eGold (which I still find impossibly difficult to use). I'm not saying eGold is a scam but it sure 'looks' and 'sounds' like it could be a scam to me.

    It all comes down to perception.

    The last things on my mind for PayPal were 'reputable', 'banking', 'secure'. I still can't believe I use them so much and how popular they are.

    People expect to see a form where they enter their credit-card information using a secure connection and no distractions like 'buddy', 'pal' or anything like that. They need to feel secure and confidant they are not being taken for a ride especially if they are being asked to sign up to this payment 'pal' site thingy just so they can enter their creditcard info to get what they want.

    If I didn't use PayPal I would think people using PayPal are cheap and are unable to get a merchant account therefore what they are selling must probably be crap. Time to click the back button.

    Its only from using PayPal that I understand all these things are not actually the case, and merchants (like me) selling through PayPal are not all scammers.

    I have done some testing where I offer clickbank, paypal and 2checkout.
    99% of the Clickbank purchases were made by people using their own clickbank affiliate id.
    Of the paypal and 2checkout purchases, around 40% chose PayPal and the rest 2checkout.
    I found the 2checkout order process 'looks' and 'sounds' more like an creditcard checkout process and therefore looks more legitimate.

    2checkout cancelled my account because I use JVManager to manage the ordering of all my products from one server and they wanted me to open a different 2checkout account for each product.

    This is something you'll need to test - perhaps using a different merchant provider will increase your sales.

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    Hey Sean,

    Thanks for your opinion. I agree with what you're saying 100% and it's my gut feeling that this problem could be solved if i add a gateway such as to get the whole ordering process confined to one page instead of a 2 step process.

    As this is a niche product mainly targeting middle aged people ive come to realise that a LOT of people still dont know (or are afraid) of paypal and how it works. For people to email me asking if they can pay by cc, it goes to show that most dont have a clue.

    If however this was a IM product or a product designed for web savvy users, im sure it would not be a problem.

    Thanks again.

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      Hi Duff, yes its true that the fewer the steps the prospect needs to take the higher the chance of converting them into a customer.

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        Hi Duff

        I recently moved from a 1SC/Paypal combo to my own order system with PayPal. I'd used it for quite some time, even before their professional package jumped from $49 monthly (I think it was) to $99 overnight.

        I felt the whole 1SC/Paypal sale process was clunky and slow.

        I have seen a huge increase in conversions but I can't put that down to the changes to my order system because I made other substantial changes at the same time.

        Would I go back to the 1SC/PayPal combo?


        The 1SC side of things is clunky and slow and when that's combined with the less-than-smooth Paypal payment process, it's not a winning formula IMHO.



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