Best free places to advertise to biz opp seekers? Help!

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I just joined a new network marketing program, and I'm looking for the best places to advertise for free or low cost to get me started. Someplace that targets people interested in working part time or starting a home biz, and that gets results. This program is free to join, so they don't have to be people with lots of money to invest.

Anyone have any advice?


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    I'd search for classified ads online and post there...just be sure to read the rules first because many sites do not allow that type of posting. And be sure its not under the "job" category since that is what most sites hate.
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      There are numerous no to low cost classified sites.(USA Classified). Get on Listbuilding sites that are free. Also, you could join forums that have a place to put your ad.

      Make sure your system is easily duplicated and low cost since you are going after people with little to no money to invest in a business.
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    It seems that there are millions of classified ad sites out there, and I was hoping that maybe you guys might know of some specific ones that people actually read and respond to. I could spend the next ten years trying to find the good ones, and inserting ads. I'm hoping to save some time, if you all could recommend some specific sites that you've had success with. Also, any specific listbuilding sites and forum sites would be appreciated.

    And, yes, the program is free, and there is no 'product' to sell, necessarily. You get paid to do relatively easy 'work' for the company, and you get commissions on the work your downline people turn in (through 6 levels). So 'broke people with no money' or anyone for that matter, works pretty well for this, as long as they are motivated get off their chair and do something.

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    Yes, you guessed it, DNA. So DamianK, you are familiar with the company. Are you a DNA member too? If so, have you already done these to promote the program? I'm asking because I'm wondering if another submission to listjoe for the same program would be redundant... Not to presume that other DNA members haven't done so already. But, hope springs eternal... ;-)

    Thanks for suggestions.
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    What is the niche of your business opportunity? Google that niche, then offer the top 5 website owners an affiliate sale for your product.
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    Yes, actually I sent 2,000 emails through listjoe two days ago and got nothing from it. I'm sure since there's already 50k members the free traffic exchanges have been used up and down. If you're looking to just get a few people in as quick as possible then try talking to people you know. Like I said, it's free, so there's no risk and no hurt in asking. Other than that all the same rules as anything else.

    The article writing with the autoresponder would be really good especially if DNA takes off like some are claiming they might. Reason being that if it takes off you'll want to already have your name out there, which the articles will do.

    And I'm going to start sending messages out on myspace. I play some of the apps and have almost 1,500 friends because of them. I'm sure at LEAST a couple dozen of them would join something that has income potential and is free.

    And what other businesses are you in if any? Talk to members of the other businesses. And at the LEAST you should put your members' link as your sig on here, lol.
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    Thanks for the advice. More is always welcome.

    BTW, I've added the link to my signature, as you suggested, now that it complies with the warrior forum policies.

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      You might want to rethink the model of free entry with low rate of return/high commitment.

      Getting a lot of people to do something that requires effort with a low rate of return is a formula for working yourself to death.

      To make MLM work at all online, one key element is to clearly separate the product from the opportunity. Market one or the other, don't mix and match. You can do both, but keep the campaigns separate.

      If you can find a good MLM product to sell online, you can generate decent money for your efforts by picking up searchers who have heard about the product from someone. You do have to be careful to follow the guidelines of the individual companies in order to do that.

      Also, a lot of them have shopping carts designed to defeat the less than committed purchasers from getting through.

      If you have no money and are looking to get something going, MLM is probably not the best route.

      Try to determine where you can create the most value for your efforts and leverage that.

      In the long run you'll be much better off.

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    You can use free classified because it is absolutely free.
    From free classified you’ll get sure traffic from every ad.
    I got maximum 150 hits – min15hits per ad. Yes I used 300 + free classified. Put ads 30 to 40 good classified.

    Below are some free classified…..

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      Originally Posted by weblearner View Post

      You can use free classified because it is absolutely free.
      Originally Posted by weblearner View Post

      Put ads 30 to 40 good classified.
      Unfortunately not, necessarily: the terms of service of some of those sites specifically prohibit free advertising of "network marketing" opportunities.
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        Originally Posted by Alexa Smith View Post

        Unfortunately not, necessarily: the terms of service of some of those sites specifically prohibit free advertising of "network marketing" opportunities.

        It is true not all free classified allow "network marketing" opportunities but you’ll find 100’s of another classified to post ads.

        Some tips- they’ll not check manually your ads, they use some software so remove those words from your ads, they’ll not catch you. thanks
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    Hey, this is right up my Alley! I would suggest signing up to ibosocial, and betternetworker. They work great for me!

    P.S Let me know how it works for you!
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    Try online classified ads like craigslist...
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      Originally Posted by 12adavis View Post

      Would you like to learn how to USEviral marketing with
      twitter. If yes, just email me. removed SUBJECT=MY TWITTER MARKETING TECHNIQUES.

      THANKS Alvin Davis
      Alvin, you must not be too bright.

      First, you did a straight up promo, which is against the forum rules you likely didn't or couldn't read.

      And you chose to spam a five year old thread. If they haven't figured it out by now, they aren't going to.
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    create short youtube videos...

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      Originally Posted by jordel View Post

      create short youtube videos...
      jordel, read my response to Alvin...
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  • WSO but it's not free
    soon people... Relax...
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