Wordpress and Pingomatic???

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Hopefully a simple question.

When I have a post on Wordpress to ping and I have a good ping list set in Wordpress itself, should I go and ping the post from pingomatic.com as well - or is that just repeating the same thing?

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    Yes - it is repeating the same thing. If you try to use pingomatic immediately after posting, it will just tell you to slow down as you already pinged!
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    I was just about to ask the same thing!


    Ian Clifford

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    Over pinging your site can hurt you. Go to Pingler.com and grab their ping list, it is massive (and free).

    Pingler is a great site to ping Squidoo lenses and non-blog sites.
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      Originally Posted by Duleee View Post

      Get a big ping list and put it in wordpress.

      Most "big lists" have aggregator sites in them which are pinging the same sites... so you'll end up pinging the same sites many times. They might even ban you. There is absolutely no need to ping a mile long list.

      VegasGreg posted about it - you may want to learn from there about pinging (before giving wrong advice):

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    Originally Posted by Traffic-Bug View Post

    Over-pinging a site cannot possibly hurt you.
    Is that a fact or an educated guess?

    Because respectable authority sites do talk about 'ping spamming' and sites being banned because of it. Just FYI...

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      Originally Posted by oca101 View Post

      WordPress provides users to automatically ping other sites when you link to them using trackbacks. In addition to that you also have an option to allow others to send pingbacks to you.
      Nice long post... too bad it has nothing to do with the OP.

      If you don't understand the difference between pingback and trackback on one hand and sending update pings when your site is updated on the other hand, maybe you should wait with your reply.

      While all the above bolded techniques are related and based on similar background 'conversion' between sites - they are not the same and they definitely have different functions.

      BTW, the OP was about pings, as in updates.

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    If you have made a list there is no need to use again any pinging site. It is duplication of work, which could be avoided.

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