Objection Mastery Practice

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I am starting this thread as a service to those of you who would like to submit questions regarding how to handle complaints and objections with more skill and finesse.

After studying NLP for a number of years, I've learned language patterns are useful and not in the least dishonest if recognized that we all use patterns anyway, so why not be conscious of it?

For example, someone might submit to me a common objection they get with a certain product. For instance a travel package may seem too expensive.

I might help by suggesting one of 16 different "Sleight of Mouth" patterns.

Say the submitted example was "my prospect said that $2995 was an outrageous price to pay for a platinum lifetime membership, when you still have to pay travel fees and other expenses to stay at the resorts, even if they are significantly marked down from their normal prices."

Ok, so what comes to me in the above case is "Really? How is $2995 too expensive when you could take over 20 trips in just 5 years, and in each case save half as much as the membership fee in each trip? That would be over $30,000 in savings in just FIVE years, much less a lifetime!"

(CHUNKING DOWN) This is one of sixteen patterns from Robert Dilts classic, Sleight of Mouth, published in 1999.

Any submissions? I'll be glad to make this a regular column if I get responses. Thanks
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