VBA - Excel. Helped need for a userform. Will pay

by Matthew Miele 2 replies
Title says it all.

I need some help in excel making a fairly simple userform. I dont really know anything about VBA or VB or programing..ive gotten by, by finding code on the net but for what I want now..........i can seem to find it.

So if you could help me that would be smashing! Will pay $20 if you like (providing you can do it! haha)

As me on msn


Thank youu

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    That doesn't say ANYTHING! Excel is NOT for userforms. Sometimes I hope the designer is burning in hell. Excel is a SPREADSHEET!!!!!!!!! It is to be used for adhoc calcs and sometimes for presenting some things in a visual format where such format doesn't have to be precise(like an orderform to be faxed). It is NOT for standardized format, or to replace a database. BELIEVE ME, if you believe otherwise, eventually you WILL get burned.

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    Actually it is also for userforms. Other wise they wouldnt have added the option to do it

    What I need it for is to create a txt file based off of data from the spread sheet and user inputs (in the userform).

    Anyway. its all done now and works perfect!

    p.s. Ive made databases in excel aswell D:
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