JV-NETWORK? did it work?

by abdoue 3 replies
Hi Warriors

my question is about jv-network.com by mike filsaime

did someone use it before to get some good jv deals

I'm asking that because they charge up to 100$ to post 1 jv request per month so is this website worth it

appreciate very much your help
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    Mike's a great guy and an even smarter marketer ... and I'd love to see JV-Network revivved as it's a smart concept. However, I can't speak favourably about the conversions my promos have seen.

    I have over a dozen places I post new affiliate announcements to and JV-Network is consistently the lowest click-throughs out of all of them.

    Rob Toth, 888-727-3330

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    thank you for your answer ROB can you give some other places to post affiliate announcements?
    thanks in advance
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      Here are the stats I have to join a notification list for a new product I was going to launch:

      JV-Network ($97) 33 signups
      Warriorforum JointVentures forum (free) 17 signups
      JV-Alert (free) 14 signups
      The Website homepage (free) 81 signups
      Existing customers (free) 58 signups

      You have to remember that it's not always the numbers that count but the quality of subscriber.
      For all you know, the JV-Network 'might' have had the best subscribers.

      http://javadocs.com - Javadocs
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