Amazon S3 uses - How The Heck Do I Upload Files?! (Please help)

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Quick question...

Up till now I have only used S3 to host my videos

I have used easy video player to do this and as uses of that will know this software uploads the video for you so there is no need to go into S3.

However now I want to upload some zip files to S3 so I can give out a download link to people for those files to download from S3.

I can't find out how to upload files to S3 anywhere!

I've found some articles online about creating a 'bucket'?

But I can't found how you do that

Keeping in mind I'm not technical at all is this something anyone can tell me how to do, or share a resource that does

Any help is greatly appreciated, this is driving me nuts...

Where's the simple 'Upload' button lol


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