Have You Remembered The Discussion About The Difference Between Making 5k and 500k / Month?

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Hi Warriors!

Have You Remembered The Discussion About The Difference Between Making 5k and 500k / Month more than 2 years ago?

The thread was closed but still it is in my bookmarked pages. It was posted more than
two years ago and I think it is really a nice thread.

By thinking of multiple streams of income I started creating several scripts to solve my problems and problems of many affiliate marketers like creating a review script which brought me a good money then putting up membership sites and created quick minisite builder to create killer websites that focus on just earning at least a dollar a day, week or month. Which comes to my mind that if I created thousands of mini websites I could earn thousands too.

The thread gives me more ideas from difference people who replied, different perspective and different approach towards achieving the $500K mark.

Outsourcing/leverage, list building, JV, high conversion, mass market, high volume of traffic, niches with high commission or income per sale, high quality products, products who really automates small different tasks, creativity, strategy/management, multiple streams of residual income, branding and customer relationship, mind motivation(mindset) and always think big or build thousands of realistic small goals.

So it's look like a system that really matters.

Have you noticed that the Internet millionaires common denominator is having millions of viewers/users? They focus on traffic, networking and uses viral approach.

Can you figure out what other factors they share? What other common denominator Internet millionaires and billionaires has? Is luck included or luck doesn't matter at all?

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  • Where is the thread you are referring to?
    Pick a product. Pick ANY product! -> 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9
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    The comment made in that old thread about figuring out the difference between selling 100 apple pies and 1000 apple pies reminds me of the website stuff I do. Once I know a certain "type" of site and promotion formula has a good chance of making money, I try to see if I can roll out a small number of sites and test if it will make money. If it does, then I roll out a ton of those sites using the promotion formula. Even if it only works for 3 to 6 months, that's still a lot of money in the bank. But then it's back to square one when the casino (search engines) shuffle the deck and a new game starts.
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    Its all about knowing the 'formula that works'.

    If you find a new idea somewhere, then here's how to proceed:

    1) Implement it yourself.
    2) Do some research and try to twist that method so that it works better.
    3) Write down a step-by-step plan of following that method that even a noob could understand.
    4) Shoot a screen capture video of you actually following that step-by-step plan
    5) Hand out the video and the notes to an outsourcer to rinse n repeat.
    6) Find another strategy/method and go back to 1)


    Most of my time is well spent on curating my online marketing resource for entrepreneurs: Flying Start Online

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    @kendimann: Yup, looks like outsourcing really matters..the more people do several tasks the you can complete the project(s). Just assume you will get that 500K mark

    @SEOPoints: So, focus on testing different strategies and working on what makes money, right?

    @freelikehell: So, you're aiming to create blueprints in videos then make your outsourcers do it..again and again? The more outsourcers, the better


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    Somehow, the non-IM gurus I know who are pulling in 6 figs a month are ALL involved in CPA; either as an advertiser or affiliate. So I guess that's where the goldmine is.
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    Is anyone has a list of Internet millionaires and their niches?


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