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Does anyone have any opinion on Wordpress plugins that automatically update your blog with relevant content?

Iv heard of Unique Article Wizard and wp-o-matic.

Whats the verdict??? :confused:

Any help would be much appreciated.

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    wp-o-matic does the job but its not perfect. I am finding other plugins... hope someone can post here
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    I am not in favor of Wordpress plugins that automatically update blogs. Because these plugins do not post accurate and do much grammatical mistakes.
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    I am in the process of trying out wp-o-matic...with serveral of my niches....Will give update when there are results
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      It's the old argument of quality versus quantity.

      An auto blog will give you content quick which (arguably) will be useful for gaining backlinks, especially if all the pages link to your main domain.

      However you're unlikely to have any raving fans with an autoblog - I personally cant remember the last time I subscribed to a feed from one or even stuck around to read it.

      It's sort of like roasting a joint - turn the heat up too much (lots of meaningless content) and add a cheap packet dressing (reformatted amazon feeds and youtube vids) and you'll get dinner quicker, but overall the meal wont be as satisfying.

      Alternatively, roast it slowly (handmade quality original content over time) with lots of fresh herbs (new material and guest posts) and it will be worth the wait.

      All this talk of food is making me hungry....
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    It seems that WProbot is a good WordPress plugin if you want to update your blog with relevant content. Through setting up some keywords relevant to your blog niche, you can update with the help of WProbot.
    Of course, if you want to create high-quality content, you'd better write posts yourself.
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  • I am not also fan of auto update tools. Instead, you can just copy and paste articles from article directories (Not that it is good idea to do so).
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