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Hey guys,

I am looking for what I can use to mimic the member portal for an e-Learning service I am launching.

Can anybody name the script/portal used for this project?

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    No script/portal. Anik built that from scratch by paying some coders. PPC Classroom is also custom built.

    You can check out membership site scripts like SimpleMemberPro, EasyMemberPro and even a few Wordpress plugins like WishList or MemberWing to create the course.

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    Check out "Moodle LMS"
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      Originally Posted by GuerrillaIM View Post

      Check out "Moodle LMS"
      it is not moodle...
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    there is not an easy way to tell what scrip is being used by seing a login page. we should actually know what it can do

    however, due to the fact that the images are stored on a folder called "template", makes me think that it is a CMS that uses the term "template" not "theme" for defining style (joomla does, while drupal and WP don`t, not evem Moodle-which is a learning CMS)

    also, not many CMS have a template that is actually called "default".

    Anyway, after some more reasearc, i have learnt that even though runs on Joomla, they have some kind of project called income kick start that runs on the same kind of thing that you shown:

    Home : Income Kick Start | Income Kick Start

    and might have been connected to the platform/tools lurn has developed called "PPC classroom"...

    PPC Classroom v3

    maybe you can check it to see. or at least ask them...
    "If at first you don`t succeed, cheat ! Repeat until caught. Then, lie... " =))
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    Thanks for the suggestions but I just opted to get it outsourced.

    Am willing to drop 1k for a jaw-dropping member's portal so if anyone has any good developers in mind please let me know because I do not want to go posting on freelance boards. They tend to lead to individuals who do sub-par work.


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      You can always use hire section in Warrior forum. I am sure you will get what you want

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