If you are Making money online, can I promote you?

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I just left this same message for specifically a WSO, now happy to include any specific online system that works..

I am doing a video series - free - on my blog / youtube, but being uploaded to many other video sites, on various ways to earn an online income.

Would love to get a video snippet from a warrior who has been successful at making money online in almost any focus, and just give a few simple steps how to go about it, with a little proof.. Basically like 30 seconds -1 minute of video.. so nothing major.

I may want to do a separate interview getting a lot more information about the specific method, offering further promotion, which will be part of a follow up product.

Naturally there will be free publicity for a long time to come for your product, you, etc., just via the blog, etc..

and of course anyone with an affiliate program for their product would be even more preferred


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