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Hey warriors i need your help,

can you have a quick look at this site, and give me

few recommendation on what you would change / improve.

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    You could improve the way the header transitions into the body... and give the bottom edge of the header a little rounded look...
    Also, add a little padding to the top of the header, and let that space remain empty... it'll give a good look and feel to the whole thing.

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    I think your header is too big, I recommend bringing down the image at the header into the main body, also make your sidebar links more visible
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    Yeh, agree with above as well as making the page width a bit wider as it's currently a tad narrow.

    I would also look at filling the side banner ith something, maybe some sort of image(s)?

    Also, if you created the banner, a few more flourishes would be nice, maybe similar to how i did here - or give it some texture Prism Media Web Design & SEO Home
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      Reduce the height of the header for a start.

      I usually go for a height of 100-150px - but the ego of
      the client can sometimes get in the way :-)

      The photo of the guy is too big and dominating as well.

      Woo visitors by focusing on them - not the site owner.

      For the sign-up form, ask for first name and e-mail or
      e-mail only to increase opt-in rates.

      Dedicated to your success,



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        I agree with the above. Header is too big, only ask for the email in the opt-in and the first name if you absolutely need the first name. For your opt-in offer, I would focus on that immediate gift more, your audio. Change the text on your opt-in button to something other then "sign up now", something more congruent with the getting the free audio (if you go that route of focusing more on that as the primary benefit of signing up).

        That email will probably get spammed. Push the social proof elements to the right if possible, in their own column. You could always use google calendar to embed in your calendar page.

        You may even have a video on your home page where you introduce yourself.
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    The photo of the guy is overpowering...just wanted to leave the site straight away.

    Although I understand the Concept of Seth Godins "Tribe"
    Not sure that alot of people will know what this giant photo man is going to offer... Need to make the wording of the offer more understandable. good luck

    other wise a good starting point...
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      I find the header image somewhat confronting, probably because it is so large! Definitely reduce the size.

      I wish you every success with your site. I love the topic. Great to see a testimonial from Deepak Chopra!

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    Thought i have a play around in photoshop, sorry for the mess of the photo, just had to liquify! Basically, a photograph focusing on the email subscription form will in increase subcribers.


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    Quick question - do you have Deepak Chopra's permission... To use his image?
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    The header is way too big and takes up a lot of valuable real estate. Your headline is weak and isn't an attention-grabber. You also need someone to proofread your copy as I noticed a couple of spelling mistakes.
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