Changes in Webmaster Tools??!?

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Anyone else notice the changes in google webmaster tools dashboard? Whatya think?

I was logged into an account that I checked less than 30 minutes ago and went back to check something else and the format has completely changed. So far it looks cool, but the only thing I missed is being able to get a quick summary/update of what position your keywords were in when being searched or clicked thru. Looks like it has now changed to show how many impressions you get for a particular kw and then the ctr.

Anyway I'll have to poke around some more, but thought I'd see if anyone else noticed as it happened in the middle of me working in the system.

EDIT: wow, this is pretty cool so far, now when you go to more in the keywords section you get a detailed report for each keyword telling you how many visits you got from each placement.
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