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Does anyone know what the laws are on using a trademarked name such as Google in a domain name for commercial purposes?


I know Clickbank won't approve any URL's with the word Google in them, but they will allow the product to contain the word Google.

eg. Google Sniper is in the CB marketplace as

However, this doesn't apply to Paypal and therefore you could use if you wanted to.

Is Google likely to get upset by someone using the word Google in their own domain names? What's the legal stance?

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    I've had a couple of domain names with Google in them that I
    have been sitting on for a couple of years. I haven't done anything
    with them as I have read a lot about Google not liking it and I wasn't
    sure I wanted to build up a site that might get taken away from me
    at some point in the future. They are up for renewal very soon and
    I have decided to let them expire.
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    Google can take them from you at any time for trademark infringement. Do you want to put time and money into a site only to have it taken away, if they choose to take it away?
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    This comes up time and time again... if you are questioning the ethics of something surely you have already got the answer.

    Dont build a business on dodgy foundations

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    I wouldn't use google in my url name. A few years ago, maybe about 6, I remember using ebay in my url name. Huge mistake, but they just kindly ask me to cancel the url, which I did.

    Anyhow I know that they are cracking down on those make money with google sites, just pay shipping. Im sure your site is nothing like that, but you don't want to get confused with sites like those and get attached by Google or even worse, Google's lawyers. Why not try a more general instead of Google use search engine, instead of ebay i used auction, something like that.

    I sure hope this helps, but to answer your question (incase I've overwritten a reply) I'm not exactly sure of the rules but with all trademarks I would refrain from using them in my url name.
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      I had a couple of domains that I was using to generate adsense clicks - and

      They seemed like a good idea at the time as googlemail had just launched and I was a fan and I originally put them up just because I was a huge fan of googlemail and I gave info about how a beginner should set up the googlemail account.

      After a while Google told me the sites didn't follow their adsense guidelines, which wasn't that great a surprise .

      I took them down immediately told Google I was doing so and they are expiring very soon.

      Don't mess with google!

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    Unless you are saying something bad about them you should be fine.

    I have been using a .info tld domain with google in it.

    It has a PR3.

    Weigh the situation and go ahead.
    Domain is just $9 but it can get big someday ?

    Can Google just take away your domain ?
    Unfortunately Yes.
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      Originally Posted by ashishthakkar View Post

      Unless you are saying something bad about them you should be fine.
      Actually, that is totally INCORRECT. If you ARE saying something bad you'll be fine. There is court precedence supporting sites like and
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    I think this is a REALLY bad idea for the reasons other people have already stated.
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    Some are already using it for now. I don't think that is a good idea. The word 'Google' is a trade mark and you do not want to have a trade mark issue on your hands. Google has already ran into trouble with the Google Money Tree deal that had nothing to do with them. The big G has reportedly started cracking down on sites that try to leverage their name.

    Proceed at your own risk.
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    You can use those if you don't mind getting sued by Google, especially if you have a lot of high priced lawyers on YOUR side and the site is making a lot of money to pay your attorneys.

    (P.S. That is sarcasm)

    Here are some links to show you reference to being sued. You can also search Google for more references.

    Official Google Blog: Fighting fraud online: taking "Google Money" scammers to court

    Greg Schueler - Wordpress Fanatic... Living The Offline Marketing Dream...

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    google, amazon, ebay.... do not include in your domain.

    Domains for sale - see
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    How about the verb "googled"? I have a site with PR4, nearly 3 years old, with googled in the domain. Should I be quaking in my boots?
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    so what if you want to use the phrase' go ogle' in your url, such as go ogle cheerleaders, -> googlecheerleaders?

    What then?
    Ogle | Define Ogle at

    and as for amazon, how can they stop you referring to the amazon jungle?
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