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I used to make 10k blogspots. Usually that get sites greatly indexed.

Not anymore.

Is there something wrong? Is there a new default settings where blogspots reject search engine robots?

I am just curious.

Also, wordpress used to have this setting where we can keep the blog private from search engine. Is that setting still default?
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    Do you mean you used to make 10K from your blogspot blogs?

    Depending on the content, Google has most likely slapped the blog.

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    you still have your signature pointing to a blogspot blog

    nice catch, isn't it
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    Originally Posted by teguh123 View Post

    I used to make 10k blogspots. Usually that get sites greatly indexed.
    I assume that you are talking about making tons of blogger blogs to spam links. Making mass blogger blogs via automation has always been against TOS and they have always deleted them as fast as they could find them. Whether or not they have new detection methods, who knows. Black Hat link spamming just fills up the Internet with crap and who wants crap?
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    Yes, getting blogspot blogs indexed these days seem harder than ever but it is not impossible. I still have blogspot blogs in the top 3 of Google for very competitive markets but it is a bit harder to get new ones ranked. Seems like you need more quality content these days. I am currently not having much problems getting indexed but it take longer time than it used to.
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    Hmm.... I used to get indexed easily with those blogspots. not anymore

    I made 10k blogspots and suddenly boom my sites got indexed like crazy.

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