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Help needed... I work for a global company and I have created a section on our site www nefab com called Packaging Info which is second to none in the industry. From looking through analytics I can see this section is high in demand and is doing well both for pages/visit when people get their and in natural google search results.

The question now is... how do I get this under the noses of the people who haven't found the section yet?!

I have heard many who have been and talk about it, pass the word on etc in the industry but I need to hit the people who have no idea it exists... thoughts?!

Thanks in advance,

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    Start to market to other areas of the industry. Or even industries that are very closely related. It wouldn't make sense to market to the general public if they are not going to use it. If begin to crawl outside of the focused niche then it will begin to spread elsewhere.
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    Thanks ahuddy for the response... but I guess i'm looking for detailed here.

    Of course I could put a banner on our industry sites or magazines etc... but my experience is the click rate isn't worth the cost by any means. Although of course the advertisers argue its brand building

    But what other suggestions? Maybe write quality articles and instead of putting them on our site have them posted on the sites mentioned above to push our brand? I would rather the unique content on ours though... I'm soo confused!!
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