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I've found some quality single word .CO domains for pre-order and was wondering if the .CO's will be valuable?

I've done some basic market research and the same word .tv and .biz's have cleared $2000 in auction. Have I missed any recent threads regarding .CO's?

I'd love to hear your views on this new extension

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    I noticed that ed dale jumped on board and got himself a .co as quick as poss...

    Ed Dale's Blog
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      Originally Posted by Louis Raven View Post

      Good find, but why am I waiting until july for the .CO's to be released? lol

      He must be doing something right
      i guess it's who you know
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        I am also interested in registering some .CO domain names.
        The .CO is being touted as the next domain gold rush on the web and is being related to company/commerce/community, but will people confuse mydomain.co with mydomain.com ?

        A few registrars are open for pre-registering for $29 per year, this could be great for snagging some very profitable keyword rich domain names. If i was sure that .CO was going to be as valuable as .COM/.Net etc. i would have no problem investing a few hundred bucks.

        Has anyone else researched this more, are you going to pre-register for $29 per year :rolleyes:

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          Originally Posted by salegurus View Post

          The .CO is being touted as the next domain gold rush on the web
          Didn't they say the same thing about .mobi?
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            Originally Posted by salegurus View Post

            The .CO is being touted as the next domain gold rush on the web
            Originally Posted by Marhelper View Post

            Didn't they say the same thing about .mobi?
            Yeah ... and .TV. Bought a bunch of those and by now I've let them all expire. I don't do these new extensions any longer. I couldn't sell any of my .TVs to save my life and you rarely ever see them ranking for anything.

            Some people made some great .TV sites, but there aren't many in comparison to all the .TVs sold.
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    Yeah, I first heard about this from Ed Dale last week. Haven't really delved into this much.

    I just wonder how Google would treat this extension. Would they give it as much weight as .com, .net, .org?

    I suppose we could go after some highly targeted keywords that are short and sweet.
    This could be a good thing.

    I found this website for more info - http://www.cointernet.co
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    I would not be surprised if .CO does well. I started looking at this recently and plan to register a number of names if they're available. Just my opinion, but I honestly believe one of the newer extensions is bound to catch on.....dotcom's are pretty much exhausted and .nets aren't far behind....If you think the internet is still going to grow,(duh) you have to assume more extensions will be needed and used.
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    Hi Louis,

    I wondered the same thing, looked into it more and ended up pre-registering a few domains and creating a free WSO on the subject.

    Basically my strategy is :
    1. Look for generic single or double word domains with obvious business value and see if they are still available for .CO pre-registry.
    2. See if the domain name has already been taken for most other TLDs (if it has been that's a good sign).
    3. See if the domain name has been sold sometime for non .COM TLDs (if it has been that's a good sign)

    If I like what I saw after that I bought.

    Can't reveal what I reserved until July 21, but to give you an example two of them are single word generic product names that each have over 10 million monthly Google searches. And I got them just a week ago.

    Just remember it's Domain Name Speculation. A lot of money has been made, and a lot of money has been lost.

    My basic strategy is all here in this message, if you want more specifics see my signature or PM me.



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    Some excellent .CO food for thought and a Great domainer worth following on a daily basics...
    Domainvestors Television Episode #36 - Interview with Lori Anne Wardi from .CO | Morgan Linton
    Will .co change the Domaining World? | Morgan Linton

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    From what I read any preregistrations are just securing the right to bid auction-style if more than one person wants that .co domain, which if it's marketable I'm sure there will be PLENTY of people bidding. Plus the site I went to wanted $275 to preregister, and if you don't get the domain you get your money back minus $9. Not worth the risk unless you have plenty of money to bid with. Or just wait until it opens up to the free-for-all and hope for the best.

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