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Hello Warriors,

I have contacted support but have yet to get an answer from the Support at Xsite Pro.

When downloading I wind up with an Application and when trying to import via the XsitePro2 software, I only get Invalid File Format.

Can anyone advise how to download and import the clipart for Xsitepro2?

Thanks in advance,

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    What's the Clipart's extension name?

    I.E. A picture normally has the extension .jpg or .png etc...

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    Hi Shelby,

    It says Application when I download the file:

    Here are the exact instructions on the Xsitepro 2 download clipart page.

    1. Download the Installation file using the Download button, below.
    2. Close XSitePro 2 if it is running.
    3. Run the downloaded installation file ("XSitePro2ClipArt.exe").
    4. Follow the installation wizard instructions - this will unpack the extra resources to your XSitePro 2 resources directory.
    5. At end of the installation, click 'Finish' to complete the installation.
    6. Restart XSitePro.
    7. That's it! You should now see a much-increased quantity of Clipart/Templates available, next time you use xsitepro.
    The problem is when I download it, I can not import from Xsitepro 2.

    It says:

    'Invalid File Format'

    I save it to:

    Xsitepro2 Clipart

    It is a puzzle to me and I am wondering if I am suppose to make a zip file but not sure.

    I appreciate your response and hope the info I just gave can help a little more.

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    If you saved the file on your computer to:
    Xsitepro2 Clipart

    Go to that location on your computer and double-click the XSitePro2ClipArt.exe file. The installation program should run automatically and install the clipart into your XSitePro program.
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    I think Steve's explanation should work

    Let me know if you need more help.

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