Submitting articles manually or with software?

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HI, folks,

I saw a post on DP forum, which contains a list of those article directories to submit self-written articles to. It is here LIST - Submitting your articles on different sites can drive lots of free traffic

As the list is quite long, it will take quite long to submit articles to all these directories. It can be just another 9-5 day job.

Can this job be done by employing some software? Please recommend.

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      AlexaSmith is right in that the top handful of directories will produce the majority of traffic. The old 80/20 law in action, if you will.

      I use EzineArticles, Go Articles, ArticleBase without fail and a smattering of a few others but only about 7 or 8 directories in total.

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    I have tried both and i too agree, often just submitting to Ezine gets more traffic than 800 automated submissions.
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    But I do think mass submiting to 100s of other directories can build lots of backlinks to your EZA article quickly and help it rank high. So why don't do it? Can anybody explain it? Thanks.
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    At the very least, submit to EZA first by hand and wait for it to be accepted. The others can generally be submitted via automation.
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    I think Alexa pretty much summed it up. The problem with the submitter tools is that they usually don't work with the better directories (the ones that bring you most of the traffic). I have found that it is best to hand submit to my favorites so that I can make sure the article gets in there.

    Now if you are simply after a backlink, then blast away. As long as it doesn't take much of your time. As Alexa indicated, most of those directories probably won't be around long so not sure how effective the backlinks would be but if it takes little time then no worries.

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      Thank you guys/gals for the input.

      What I was planning was to send traffic from my posts in article directory with a resource link at the end to the squeeze page of my domain. I don't have a dedicated websites to collect all my articles that I will post on EZA.

      I tried to put the optin box in the blog column. Apparently, it didn't work as well as squeeze page. That's the reason why I want to send traffic from article directories to squeeze page directly, rather than to a blog post.

      What do you guys do after you get the traffic from article directories?

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        Originally Posted by sinpeople View Post

        I tried to put the optin box in the blog column. Apparently, it didn't work as well as squeeze page.
        Of course it doesn't. I had to learn this the hard way too. You need to be right in the face of your visitors, that means, when they come to your blog the first and only thing to see must be your subscription offer. Goes without saying that your reason to subscribe must be powerful and adressing the needs of your visitors.
        You probably will have to change your blog template for that.

        Now back to the discussion... there are actually two types of articles. Articles that are meant to be found, read and made to send visitors to your site by clicking on a link in the resource box.
        These articles should contain unique content (use an article spinner), without grammar/spelling errors and need to be submitted manually to the top 6-8 directories of your niche.
        You need to test which 6-8 directories send you the most trafffic.

        And then there are the articles you submit for backlinks to your site... These should have unique content too and can be automatically submitted. Grammar/spelling errors are not that much of an issue. I use Automatic Article Submitter for that, it allows article spinning and submits to several 100 directories.

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          I think that it really depends on what you trying to achieve. Manual is better to the top sites if you have high quality keyword optimized original articles and you are trying to use the articles to send people to your offer and are trying to get the search engines to list your article on the first page.

          Software is better if you are just trying to get a lot of back links and then you can use articles of lesser quality that have been spun.

          I have seen the search engines list high quality articles and websites with only a few back links over other articles and websites with lesser quality and tons of back links.
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            I have never used software for article submissions and I do not really know how they work as article directory owners usually need to sigh up for it in order to resave articles to their directory.

            I do have used article submission services like Isnare and Articlemarketer as they have very extensive directory lists.

            And I would also agree to submit manually for top article directories and niche ones as most of them have not singed up for receiving articles form submission services anyway.
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    Follow what alexa (i meant alexa smith) says w.r.t articles
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    I agree with the contributor above in that a backlink is a backlink is a backlink ,get them where you can ,you need one way backlinks to get going with your site .Dont miss out on the chance to get several hundred backlinks .Yes you need some other high pr backlinks as well but you should have mass article submission as a weapon in your strategy.
    Google wont penalize you for backlinks otherwise you could wipe out your competitors with this - so what the hell -go for it.
    Also as mentioned earlier for the good article sites you need to manually send them in.
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    Hi guys

    i personally get an outsourcer to submit them for me manually but i also have them submitted to a software site so that i can get more backlinks from people that re-use the articles on their blogs.

    kind regards

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    For top 10 directories submit manually and for other directories use services like article marketer or unique article wizard.
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      If you're driving traffic to a squeeze page you don't really need to submit to a massive amount of directories. The best traffic as always comes from Ezinearticles and after that you might want to submit a few to Articlesbase and/or Goarticles which of course can be done manually. Mass article submission is best for getting backlinks.

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    You can just submit completely unique articles to the few top article directories or you can use a software. Some good softwares for this job is magic article submitter, ultimate article wizard or SENuke. But these articles do not get indexed. If you will write them all in a completely unique manner, then they will get indexed.
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    I just regard the action of submitting articles with softwares as spam. So, I prefer to submit articles manually. Of course, it is really a difficult task for us to submit all articles manually because it usually costs much time and energy.
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