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by zeoul
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I am new to internet marketing and have a question that I am hoping the many experienced members here can help me out with. My question is: once you get someone to your site, what is the best way in your opinion to get them to click on your link? I have been getting more and more increased traffic lately but am having trouble getting people to click on my affiliate links and close the deal so to speak. Any tips, methods etc is appreciated.
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    It all comes down to a delicate balance of sales without being too spammy, ie: softsell.

    There's quite an art to getting it right.

    If you had a weight loss site, which one of the following link text would you go for?

    1. Click here to purchase X.

    2. Click here to see the method I followed to give me a great body figure.
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      Thanks! I will definitely have to rethink my approach. Do you think the personal approach to selling is more effective ie. I have had success with this sales pitch?
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          I find if your traffic is targeted that the classic 'Call to Action' works well as long as your not to pushy with it.

          I normally follow a simple rule:

          Product name:
          Product Description - Detailed but not to long, Bullet points are good for this.
          Product cost
          Call to Action - Like: Order Now! - Buy Now! or something fitting for your site/product.
          Limited time offers are good to:
          Last Chance At This Low Price - Buy Now!

          Using bold and underline helps pull peoples attention as well as difrent colours. But don't over do it.
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    I have already been working on my scripts, thanks
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    I find it's not necessarily the words in the link but the introduction to the link. For example if you have a product on how to make money and your article is about getting into business your introduction to your product link could be something like:

    You can learn all about business but unless you learn how to make money it can be very frustrating. Get all the tips in my free report about how to make money in any climate by entering your contact details here:

    I hope this was helpful

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    Hyperlink you keyword of your product you are selling. Just use a couple of keywords in your articles.

    An Easy way to find Hot Niches for 2017

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    i am also new
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