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Hey Guys, sorry for this newbie question, but I am with Easyhits4u, startxchange and traffic swarm. Is there anyway to surf all three at the same time. I need to do this for free as I don't have a big budget to start and i find myslef with three windows open and surfing all three trying to get credits and what a crazy task this is. I guess I am asking if there is an easier way then paying the bucks?

Chris 'Fingers are getting tired' Slavik
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    Sounds like long, boring work. Are you sure you want to keep doing that?
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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    I don't think there's any way around it - I used to have about 10 tabs open in my browser when manual surfing; I'd sit in front of the TV and click away for a couple of hours. But then I thought I'll just give TSwarm or whoever 20 or 30 dollars and I'll get 3000 hits while I do something more useful/interesting!!
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    There's not really much you can do but have multiple windows open. I wouldn't bank on them being super effective though. Are you doing any other free methods eg. videos, articles etc ?
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    Try Google Adwords as well as Social Media

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    traffic exchanges are the worst and take too much time. the people who use traffic exchanges just want the points so they dont really care about looking at your site or offer. after the time limit is up, the user will move on.
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    yes, forget traffic exchanges and only do the things that really matter. If you have spent this time guest blogging for big blogs of your niche, you would have gotten much more impressive results.
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    Try a different way to make money lol

    Seriously that stuff is very hard to make money from
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      I don't like traffic exchange websites. You will get some visitors to your websites, but they will be un-targeted and I doubt that you will sell something. I tried it few years ago without any success.

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    Do not waste your time with traffic exchamges they are complete garbage people are just on there to build up credits for their websites so people will visit them. Not buying traffic - and that is what you are looking for.

    Try stuff that actually works like starting your own blog, writing articles, classifieds, forum posting, SEO, Viral marketing, press releases, your own Email list down the line.

    Trust me my friend back in the day I did all the traffic exchanges and it was all a big waste of my precious time. And your time is your most precious assett you must use it wisely!
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    Hi Chris,

    It's nice to see you're starting to pull of papers and write new stuffs now to get more traffic and it's true, articles are the first essential things that you need to have whenever you'll be starting your marketing strategies because that's the only way you could start generating value online. Once that's done and once you're identified by the search engines, it's time to submit them around social bookmarking sites, article directories, and replicate them around Web 2.0 networks. I understand that will take much of your time now but it's way effective than sticking to traffic exchanges.

    Good luck!
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    Doing this crazy work with make me crazy too. Therefore i prefer something else. Maybe blogging or affiliate marketing. I find blogging is a the best way to make some extra pounds..... because you dont need to actually sit full day and blog... the returns are also high and from many sources.
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    Traffic exchanges seem like a waste of time. You could have write so many more articles and send to ezinearticles.com and make more money with it.

    Write 10 articles (250 -300 words) everyday and see how much traffic you could get by end of the month.

    After that, see how much $$ you made from the traffic.

    Work on your conversion and you'll be making some money to invest more.
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    Hey Chris,

    These guys aren't making this up. Traffic Exchanges, for all practical purposes, are a waste of time. You won't make the money you want to generate the "buyers" you need to make money.

    Your time needs to be focused on more productive activity.

    Things like building your website, building backlinks, generating articles and such are free or low cost activities that ultimate create real results that you'll never see in a traffic exchange.

    Hope that helps.

    Wayne Sharer
    How Start a Flow of Quality Website Traffic You Can't Stop
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      The traffic exchanges system isn't a good way for increasing traffic of your site.
      If the budget is low then Google Adwords is better.
      But the best and proved technique of increasing traffic is to create backlink of your site in related forums, article directories and social bookmarking sites.
      You can also start blogging and making advertisement and backlinking to your site.
      If you don't have enough time for the advised tasks you can also hire someone skilled with very low budget.
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    Why must I be the contrarian? Maybe it's because I have a fondness in my heart for "the old days" (aka 5 years ago). Everyone's right, traffic exchanges generally suck. Just like you want to click away hoping to get traffic and money, so do they, however, the bigger fish devours the smaller fish, so if you can come up with a very attractive squeeze page and an amazing teaser that takes less than 20 seconds to read, then you can start building a list.

    And, I'd say it'd be a good list because you actually got someone who just wante to click and be seen to stop what they were doing and take notice of you. You won't make sales immediately but you can put them in an autoresponder system that steady drips them an attractive offer like, "Old, Secret that Makes Traffic Exchanges Unnecessary Still Works!"

    Then tell them what everyone in here just told you and push them to an article writing/submitting product on CB for a nice little commission.

    It's not a terrible waste of time, really. You can still do your 10-20 articles like people here suggested, and then you can hop on 5-6 traffic exchanges, in different tabs, and rack up 150-300 credits in about 12-15 minutes. Did you just hear everyone? If you are in traffic exchanges, you must be desperate, so if you MUST use them, address that when marketing to your prospects.

    If you get even a 2% response, that's 5-6 people for just 12 minutes of work. Slow, yes, but 12 minutes for another stream of income is worth *exploring*... I didn't say "making a living from"... but *exploring*...

    Best wishes,
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      go to script lance and hire a indian to do that!
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