Success on the Internet: The Key Ingredient

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You may have noticed that there are many business opportunities on the internet. The legitimate companies offer excellent products and very inviting compensation plans. Yet, despite all this, a large percentage of newbie entrepreneurs fail at making a profit in their internet business. Or, worse still, they simply fail and close up shop.

There are those obvious reasons for this phenomena. Lack of interest and/or commitment are the big reasons, but what about the person who is devoted and committed to succeed? There is a very insidious pitfall that needs to be addressed and overcome in order to successfully build a prosperous internet business.

Many companies talk and boast of their support and training. They promote, market, and laud their comprehensive training programs. This is all well and good, however, when the new recruit signs on, they realize that this support is all found in e-books or tons of web printed information, but hardly any actual ONE ON ONE MENTORING. This is the missing link that will determine success of failure for any new entrepreneur.

Cyber space is, in all reality, both very inviting and VERY scary for the new business owner. To simply refer a person to tomes of written information and expect them to succeed is a recipe for failure. It is essential that one is assigned a REAL LIVE COACH, who walks the recruit through the set up processes and all the ongoing stages of their business. It is IMPERATIVE that this Mentor/Coach be available to the recruit; not only via email, but also by phone. As silly as it may sound, at first, there is something very reassuring and powerful with knowing that you can actually TALK with an expert, who will guide you through any challenges or problems you may be facing.

Having tomes of written information, at your finger tips, is a definite asset. However, if that is the only or the main line of support and training being offered by a company, success may be very difficult to achieve.

When looking at and deciding upon which internet company and business to invest in, it is essential to also look at WHO you will be partnering with. Make sure that this potential sponsor is also committed to PERSONALLY guide and help you succeed. A good litmus test is seeing how promptly they respond, and return to your phone call. Ask them how they plan on training you, and when are good times to call them. A very good test is, before actually signing up, CALL them at the times they say they are free to talk, and see if they truly are. We all want to be connected to a successful sponsor, but a successful sponsor does NOT automatically mean that they are also a good Mentor.

Find this winning combination, and your odds for success will GREATLY improve as well as your bank account.

See you at the top!
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