IM Vocabulary anyone??

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Can anyone provide a Dictionary for IM terminology??

What is click through rate?
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    I'm not sure if there is an "IM" dictionary, but I'm sure there's one out there somewhere (try doing a Google search on it).

    Anyway, a click-through rate is basically the percentage of people who visit your page that click on whatever link you're tracking.

    For example, if you send 100 visitors to a page with an ad on it, and 10 people click the ad... then that page/ad combination has a 10% click-through rate so far.
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    That is the ratio of viewers click on your ad over the number of viewers who see your ad.

    For example, if you're running an Adwords ad and after 1,289 showings, 54 people "click through", you have a click through rate of 54/1289 or 0.0418 or 4.18%
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      hope this helps
      User's Guide
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        The more active a learner that you are, the more quickly that you will pick up the lingo. Read ebooks, courses, articles, and forum posts in order to learn everything that you need to know.

        Hope that helps. Have a great day!
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          Here you go:

          Internet Marketing Dictionary


          Click Through Rate (CTR)

          Definition: The average number of click-throughs per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage.

          Information: It is important to distinguish what a click-through rate does and does not measure. The CTR measures what percentage of people clicked on the ad to arrive at the destination site; it does not include the people who failed to click, yet arrived at the site later as a result of seeing the ad.

          As such, the CTR may be seen as a measure of the immediate response to an ad, but not the overall response to an ad. The exception involves ads that display no identifiable information about the destination site; in these cases the click rate equals the overall rate.

          Merely getting visitors to a site had value when Web site traffic was generally accepted as a measure of success. The trend towards profitability, along with better tracking tools, has resulted in less interest in click-through rates and more interest in conversion rates.

          A high click-through rate does not assure a good conversion rate, and the two rates may even share an inverse relationship. An advertisement geared towards curiosity clicks will result in fewer sales, percentage-wise, than an advertisement geared towards qualified clicks.
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            and the IM dictionary has been bookmarked. Hurrah for that actually existing!
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