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Like many printed books, I was just wondering if anyone is having this in their ebook? since its a digital product

Published by xyz Publications Company
Published in the United States of America? (wordwide??).

1) Are there any legal issues?
2) What if you do not have a physical registered publication company? is it still okay if you put name of your (virtual) publication house
3)What is the best way to have this section in ebook?

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    Im not a lawyer, so take everything with a grain of salt but:

    1) Should be no legal issues here. You are just branding your product. Unless the product is crap, in which case they know where to find you

    2) People self publish all the time. Mike McMillan has a WSO up right now about how he started with self publishing.

    3) I would vote either in the front, or the very back.
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    Hi Naveed,
    You sent me a PM and I am responding here.

    You are in India, and I'm not familiar with your laws and customs.

    I would say, however, that I can't see a problem with including
    information like you have above. With printed books publishers
    often include the country of publication because of laws and
    tariffs with respect to shipping books from one country to another.

    With a digital book this is not an issue. I don't really see a reason
    for including that information, but I also can't see any reason why
    it would be a problem to include it.

    I would probably put it on the second page with your copyright notice.
    Your copyright notice should look like:

    © 2010 (Your Name or Your Company Name)
    All Rights Reserved (This isn't really required)

    In the U.S. it isn't even required to register your copyright
    with the Copyright Office to use the © notice, although it
    is a good idea to register it.

    Hope that helps. If not PM me again and direct me to this posting.

    Good luck with your project! --Mike

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