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I have a information product I am going to launch in July
and it is in two parts.

Part One an online live workshop
Part Two is the business end

My question is: Can I give the WarRoom Part One FREE
then, as an option, to buy Part Two if they so choose.

Is this allowed in the WarRoom or do I have to submit it
as a WSO.

I want to test it out first before I do WSO can I do that?

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    You can submit it to the WarRoom. The War Room Mod/s will decide if it goes live or not. At any rate you won't see it right away as it does have to be approved first. Of course you can't charge for it. If you want to charge then you definitely start in the WSO forum.

    George Wright
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    Hi David,

    George is correct in what he says about the War Room mods but one thing that crossed my mind is whether or not part one, the workshop, will stand up on it's own. Is it useful in it's own right or does it require the second, paid, part to really function?

    I understand you're wanting to test before launch and I'm sure you're acting with good intent but I just wanted to play Devil's advocate to avoid any potential mud-slinging for you.

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    RE: Your main questions:
    Does part one, the workshop, stand up on it's own? Is it useful in it's own right or does it require the second paid part to really function?

    Answer: Yes, the workshop absolutely stands on it's own. It's an updated online adaptation of a workshop that I've been presenting in hotel conference rooms for years now. The second part involves a variety of organically sourced high-end nutritional packages and is a completely optional subscription that we offer only to graduates of my seminar. This is a companion offer that is completely relevant to the type of personal development program I market. (What good is it if your thinking ability is greatly improved if you end up with the flu?)

    On second consideration though it sounds like I would be better off doing the product launch as a WSO and offering the workshop free to a very few warriors (say the first 5 or so) and then have an escalating price structure for several days after that and still offer the addon subscription products to those who actually complete the seminar and graduate.

    That way I can avoid what looks like a gray area of the offer (the separation between what is free and what is paid).

    Thanks for your reply.

    Questions like yours are critical for me since it's sometimes difficult to "read the label from inside the bottle" so to speak.

    Thanks again.

    Mobiusman talks about the Head Brain/Gut Brain system. Did you know you have two different brains?
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