Learn How A Newbie Can Establish Its Own Business With Really $0 In Its Pocket!

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Hi, Here I am going to tell in a very simple way how a newbie can start its own $200 monthly business with really $0 in pocket. I know that $200 monthly is never been a good amount and It is quite common but as I said it is for newbies.

1. First of all, make your mind that you want to make online seriously. If you do not take it seriously and take it as a random business then you will find yourself nowhere.

2. Because, you are a newbie and is having $0 in your pocket. So, just start as a freelancer. Do hardwork for 15 days, start working for others. Like post articles, directory submission, classified ad posting, social bookmarking etc. These works are not difficult at all. You will learn as soon as you start doing it. Doing these works just accumulate only $15 in your PP account. You can do it in 15 days only, even at a slow pace.

3. Now, leave freelancing and think in which niche you are interested? What you can sell better, what you can provide better to the people. Do not ever try to scam people you will be ruined soon. So, just work honestly and think to develop a product. Ebooks are really good thing to start. You can even create an ebook on your earning experience from freelancing that will show a way to other newer internet marketers. Yes! Write an ebook on freelancing and tell others how you made money doing freelancing and from where you got the work.

4. Make a website to sell this ebook. Buy a domain, you have $50 in your PP account. I will suggest you to buy domain from a reputed company like GoDaddy.

5. You do not know how to make a website? No problem, just use MS_Word to design a page and save it as a web page. But, it must be attractive. You can also use some free website templates to make a website an attractive one.

6. Price your ebook Just like $4.99 so that it becomes in the reach of everyone. It also depends on the contents of your ebook, you may price it higher if it really has something unique.

8. Now, you need traffic. The more traffic is there, the more sales will be there.

9. Do forum posting, articles, PRs, social networking and bookmarking. Now, you will see how much return you will get to do these tasks for yourself rather than doing it for others as a freelancer.

In this way, you will not be a jobber, but will be an entrepreneur.

Gud Luck!

Feel free to ask any questions. I also request experienced marketers to give their own views about this start.

Thanks to all!
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  • Profile picture of the author Tasso Pepi
    Well done man...

    Great post...

    It is thinking outside the box and also very clearly..
    I think there is always the lure of big$$$ when you start online.

    "You can make $100k per year" as an affiliate marketer...
    and so on and so on....

    But this is a way if you have a tight budget, that you are able to build a good solid business..and not blow you limited funds...

    Well done

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    I would say step 1 is the most important of them all! You can bend and change the rest of the steps, but without step 1 you will not get far!
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    Good post. I see posts on here just suggesting Article writing as a way of getting started, but you have taken it several stages further to a scalable business. I am sure there are a lot of people out there with no budget, perhaps desperate and need to get going.

    I would add that if people are working on library computers or such or do not have word you can use Google Docs for free to do the same or download openoffice.org again free and very capable.

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    I have always believed in starting small, and developing the business from there. There's a lot of websites offering free services. It's just a matter of whether we bother to ask Google or not.

    Once you have a following, people trust your judgements and opinions, then you might want to consider 'investing' a bit more in your online business.

    Ultimately, have a detailed plan.

    My advise is, if you take having an Internet Marketing business as a real business offering real chance of making money, chances are, you'll get real money from it. But if you think that this is just play-time, or 'try-outs', then don't expect much.

    Just my 2 cents guys.
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    There are really several ways to earn online, and ebooks for one sounds interesting. Thanks for your insights on how to make money online for newbies.
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