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Can anyone recommend a site where you can learn how to flip websites? Not no e-book.. ect a legit site/ membership site..
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    Why Not learn whole doing....

    Visit Flippa: Buy and Sell Websites and Domain Names

    There are TWO important TABS to check:


    2.Ended Unsold

    You see both worlds.... This way you can learn more than an ebook can teach you.

    Then you need only one thing... Skill of creating websites, or getting someone to create websites for you... Or you can buy websites and the Flip....

    May this help this is how most of the top Flippers get started!
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    Get Paid to Play Games! #1 Video Game Tester Site in Clickbank!
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    Link8 thanks for the resources, I will really like to learn more about site flipping...
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    I think Mohsin has the right idea - learn while doing!

    By throwing yourself in at the deep end, you tend to learn quickly.

    Take a look at what is selling, which sellers are most successful and what factors contribute to a site's sale here (free)

    Website Flipping Statistics and Data | Provided by

    Get advice from people who know the area well here (free)

    "Discussion Around The Buying And Selling Of Internet Businesses And Websites"

    And for membership advice, training guides, tutorials and forums try Killer Flipping Secrets here

    Killer Flipping Secrets - The Definitive Guide to Site Flipping

    We also have articles and tutorials on our blog.

    Hope this helps

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    Thanks for your info guys what else would I need hosting/domain? What would I need to prevent me from getting ripped off? I want to cover my back if it ever does happen.. again thanks for the input..
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      Thanks for your info guys what else would I need hosting/domain? What would I need to prevent me from getting ripped off? I want to cover my back if it ever does happen.. again thanks for the input..
      Not getting ripped off:

      1) Do your due dilligence. Do a search for the domain name. If you are buying on flippa, do a search for flippa and then digitalpoint and then simply

      2) See the feedback from the seller. If from digitalpoint, check his actual posts and his join date. See if anything is fishy.

      3) If you don't feel comfortable in the least, simply don't buy. If you really want the site, try to negotiate a pay 50% get the site, pay 50% deal.

      4) If the seller has sold sites before, check out the profiles of those who has bought the seller's sites. If you want to go deep into seller analysis, you can contact those buyers directly. If they have anything bad to say about the seller, you can be sure they will get back to you.

      The biggest thing is to just make sure you trust the seller. Getting ripped off every once in a while happens if you buy a lot of sites. Just do what you can to make sure this doesn't happen often.
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    Lots of good advice here, buy from trusted sources, become a trusted seller, by doing right by your customers too.

    Rick Dearr
    RnR Marketing, LLC
    Sandy, Utah 84070
    90 Second Video - Free Access

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    would I need hosting and domain?
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    The flipping part is easy. Use If you've ever sold anything on ebay, flippa will be familiar.

    The key to all this is to have sites that people actually want.

    If you look through flippa's just sold you will notice that sites that are earning income and it doesn't have to be much, attract the bet prices.

    I knew nothing about any of this stuff when I started and I ended up making and selling over 100 websites on flippa in six months.

    Anyway, here is the system I use to make sites to flip...hope it helps you to get started.

    By the way, this takes work. There is no easy, secret way to make good websites. Forget all the get rich fast, make money overnight on autopilot BS.

    This takes about half an hour of work a day to grow your sites from scratch and in about three to six months, the sites that take hold for you (not every site you make will work) should start to make some money.

    And that's the cool part......

    Start with keyword research.

    Market samurai is perfect for this, but you can use the free keyword tools that google offers online.
    Find a keyword phrase that has under 50,000.
    Find 3 related keywords that you will use as categories and tags.

    Register and host the domain.

    Godaddy are great for domain registration and hostgator are fantastic for website hosting. There are other provides, but I've had the best results with these two. Just make sure you have a host that uses cpanel.

    Install a wordpress blog.

    You can't go past wordpress direct. Installation of full SEO blog, setup correctly, takes around five minutes. When you are setting up a new site, don't waste time trying to pretty it up. If you have a look at flippa's just sold section, especially sites that sell for over $1,500 notice how most of them are just simple looking sites. There's a reason for this and that is, they work!

    Just choose a simple and clean template inside wpdirect, it's all you need.

    Setup and adsense account with google and enter the code in wpdirect. This is all you need to test your new site and you'd be surprised at how well adsense works at making money.


    Read the above sentence again.

    I know you see it in start up sites all the time, where every square inch of real estate is filled with some sort of offer. This just leads to distraction and in the end, your visitors end up clicking on nothing and leave. You don't want a site full of bells and whistles. Have a look at sites you like to visit and take note of the layout.

    Just leave it at adsense for now. As the site grows and you are happy that it's working, you can replace it with an affiliate offer if you want.

    Once your site is up and running, you will want some content.

    Now to start with, you will be testing your new site to see if it will actually work in your market, so you don't want to invest too much time or money in the testing phase.

    Inside wordpress direct, you can set up the site to automatically grab youtube videos for all of your keywords. Set it to post once a day, that' all you need.

    Now, for each video that is posted, write a brief description of around 100 words and include your main keyword and every so often, one of your other keywords. This is your unique content.

    Now that your site is up and running, you need google and the other search engines to know you exist and tell the world to come and visit you.

    You can do this with social bookmarking.

    Take your first three to six posts and add them to social bookmarking sites, including: digg, mixx, delicious and stumbleupon. These will be enough for the search engines to find you and index your site.

    The final stage is to build some backlinks to your site.

    Quality backlinks will move your site up the rankings and onto the first page of google, where all the fun happens.

    The best way to do this is by posting comments on other blogs and forums that are related to your own niche. The key here is to actually contribute to the conversation and not just bombard people with spam just to get a few backlinks. It won't work.

    The temptation when starting a new blog is to build things as quickly as possible. It just doesn't work like that. Slow and steady is the key. Google finds it suspicious when a site, particularly a new one, all of a sudden receives hundreds of links. It can land your site in a mess of trouble.

    I have used the above method over a hundred times now, to setup and test new sites and if you follow the steps, within a few weeks you will see results and know if you have a site that could work.

    Of course you can spend a ton of cash and try and make things happen, but most of the time you will be wasting your money.

    All up this costs around $15 to set up each time and you usually see results in a week or so.

    Anyone that can use a computer and search in google can do this. I'm a drummer and worked it out, so it should be easy for you.

    If you want to see how I setup a blog in wordpress direct, I have video on my blog showing how I use it.


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    How would I go about payment? Not sure on how transferring files getting paid ect all works. Have an idea on how this process works except for getting paid ect..
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      Originally Posted by kb24 View Post

      How would I go about payment? Not sure on how transferring files getting paid ect all works. Have an idea on how this process works except for getting paid ect..
      I've never flipped a website, but from my understanding... depending on the sale amount, isnt escrow usually required?

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    Check out - Your Guide To Buying And Selling "Virtual" Real Estate! to learn how to flip websites, it's a good place to start.

    For flipping domain names, check out my site, - How to Turn $9 into $9,000 Flipping Domains!

    Good luck!
    WARNING ...
    This Website Will Reveal the Secrets to Building and Sucking Unlimited Amounts of CASH
    From Your List ... All On Complete Autopilot ... CLICK HERE NOW Before it Gets Shut Down!
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    Also, here's a forum wherein you could learn more about flipping websites and services. DigitalPoint could point you to the right direction as well:

    Websites For Sale - Buy & Sell Your Site

    Plus the greatest resource thread in the Warrior Forum here:

    I hope this helps.

    Follow me on my 90 Day Challenge to rank no. 1 on Google
    Connect with me at:
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    You don't need to pay a monthly membership fee to learn to flip websites. There are a lot of good and cheap ebooks available. Once you build a site and flip it the first time, why would you need to pay a membership fee?
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