Do I have to write to make money?

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Hi everyone I am new to IM and have been reading alot of threads. One thing that I found is that many people recommend article marketing for newbies. I wrote some articles and squidoo lenses but they all got less than 5 views. All the other marketing methods that I see all include writing articles.

So my question is that do I have to learn to write in order to make money from IM?
Is there any other method that doesn't include writing articles and is suitable for newbies?

If in any case there isn't one what products do you think that can help me write better articles?

Thanks everyone!
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    You're either going to have to write articles, blog posts, content for websites, or sales pages. How else would you reach out and persuade people to buy (unless you're psychic)? If you can't write, outsource it.
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      I think that many confuse what writing articles means. In my opinion, an "article" can actually be defined several different ways. In the purest sense, an article is something you would submit to a place like EZA. But a blog post is also an article. So is a press release. Don't get caught up on the word "article". The bottom line is creating content and in order to do that, you've got to write. It doesn't matter where you submit what you've written, its still an "article".
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        You'll have to write enough to convince others that you are promoting something to satisfy their needs. I'm not a writer at all, but as long as you can make good quality pages and get help from others you should be ok.

        Good luck.
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      If you're planning to get into IM for the long haul, learning how to persuade and influence through writing will not only make your journey to the top much easier, but much quicker as well.

      In short...

      No, you don't have to write to make money from IM.

      Yes, if you're serious about making money from IM.

      - John
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      Originally Posted by bilaldsa View Post

      Well if I have to write do you guys recommend something to better my writing?
      preferably free!!
      Not necessarily;

      if you are not into writing there are people who write and you can buy from them,
      you can find these people on various places such as elance dot com and guru dot com;
      also some people on digitalpoint dot com sell articles as PLR.

      other than writing you have to somehow promote what you are selling, either buy some space from web sites that have lots of visitors to have banner on them, or you can buy PPC from search engines, other than google which cost a lot if you don't know how to use, try other search engines that are cheaper.
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    No, you can start campaigns with PPC, which means: Mostly no writing.

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      Well if I have to write do you guys recommend something to better my writing?
      preferably free!!
      Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

      Villa Brea

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    Unfortunately (for me at least, I hate writing) writing articles is one of the best ways to get your site noticed and something I tried to avoid. Its inevitable that sooner or later you will have to knuckle down and either outsource or start writing yourself.

    They provide backlinks and traffic, increase your serp rankings, getting you to page 1 in google.

    My past month online has been focused on getting these methods in place with the use of directory submission software and article distribution services.

    To do this I knew I needed a good spinner and how to write articles that were passable so I bought myself a bunch of article templates, a spinner, a article submitter and subscription to seo linkvine along with a couple of other article services Im trying out.

    Can this be done without any writing ? You could pay for traffic but thats a whole different ballgame I know nothing about and you still need content for your sites.
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    Well what did you guys do when you were starting out? I mean how did you guys got your first sale?
    Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

    Villa Brea

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      Well... many years ago I learned about bum marketing, wrote and submitted my first article to EzineArticles, and pulled in some serious dough from that one article alone.

      That was when I fell for Internet marketing like it was love at first sight
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      Writing an article is like writing a paper for school. You'll have to do some research in order to be taken seriously. This isn't hard. Gather some info on the niche you are working and write about it. I'm not a fan of spinners, but that's just me. Some have great success with them. The bottom line is, pick a product and promote it. You can pay for promotion, or you can write for promotion. Writing is free. As far as a product is concerned that will teach you how to write, I have no suggestions. I suppose there are some products available, but I doubt I'd ever spend any money on them. Again, think back to when you were in school. Who, what, when, where, and how are still your best friends. Write your articles that way and you'll be fine.
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      Originally Posted by bilaldsa View Post

      Well what did you guys do when you were starting out? I mean how did you guys got your first sale?
      That is a very big question that cannot be answered here.

      When I finally hit the big time, I promise to put a free WSO on the exact steps I used, in this forum.

      You will probably need to spend a few quid on some tools. I would focus on content for your site, use a free spinner/look for a free article submission service, submit articles to as many places as possible.

      Use free hosted blogs on as many different IPs as possible to put content on, all pointing back to your site. Do searches here in this forum for places to put backlinks.

      Focus on getting a solid article network in place, free or paid and do your research before parting with any money.

      Get this in place and you should start to see results pretty quickly assuming you already have a business model in place.
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  • Things will become much easier if you know the rule and operate by it.

    One thing is sure: write or outsource.
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    Hi there,

    Yes, you need to get good quality content out there and draw in the customers to your site/s. You say you wrote "some" articles, how many exactly? I ask because article marketing requires a bit of momentum so I wouldn't be too worried if you wrote a few articles and haven't received much traffic so far.

    Try to create a timetable for your workload each day and write at least 3 articles a day. Post them on your website first, to Ezine articles as is, then to Articlesbase, Articledashboard, Articlecity and a few others, (you don't need to change it, just the title a bit and perhaps the first sentence).

    Keep going with it and don't look back, you need to get as much content as possible.

    Seriously if you don't like writing articles/web content, you'll need to outsource, if you can't outsource or use paid advertising, I really can't think of another way.

    Try writing about and selling a product surrounding a niche that you are interested in. The articles don't have to be stuffy and academic sounding, you can be conversational. If you write about topics that you find interesting or just know a lot about, you'll be churning out articles in no time.

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      Don't give up on the writing too easily. There's more to writing articles than being a good writer. Go back to Ezinearticles and study the category of your articles. Two of the most important elements for getting a high number of views are using the right keywords, and the heading. If the heading is boring or doesn't have the right keywords, you will have a low number of views.

      When you study Ezinearticles, go to any article in your category, and take a look at the top viewed articles. You will probably see some keywords that are repeated. Take note of these.

      Use the Google keyword tool and find the keyword phrases people are searching for in your niche. Use one of those long tail keywords in the heading, in the first sentence, in the middle, and in the last paragraph.

      Of course getting a lot of people to read your article is just the first step. You'll also need to have a good resource box with a call to action in order to get a high clickthrough rate.

      Then once they click through, you'll need a good landing page or squeeze page that converts.

      There are a number of great WSOs that can teach you the basics of article marketing. Or you could search this forum for tips as well.

      Just from reading your post, I would say the problem is not with your writing but just that you don't have the technique down. Do some studying, keep working at it, and you'll get there.
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    First you have to look at professionally written articles. Then you want to write articles that make people take action. If you outsource, find people here because there right good here.

    Does internet marketing seem to hard? Click here and you will see how much you learn.

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    You could use video or do podcasts, however distribution is the key. Are you submitting your articles to article and blog directories? Are you spreading the word around through social media? If all you do is write the article and post it in one place it's like not putting a stamp on a snail mail letter, it goes nowhere.

    Warrior Deals on Fireplaces, Patio Heaters, or Gas Grills and more at Contact me for Coupon codes

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    If you are good at writing, it is a good news because writing by yourself can help you save much money. Or, you may need to spend much money on PPC and other paid marketing strategies.
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    Well you have already written a few posts which is how you write for the web.

    Was it really that hard.

    You wanted some information so you easily put it into text. This is the basic key to writing.

    Just remember that it does not have to be perfect. Just get those creative Juices going.

    If you outsource like mentioned above you will need to be a good reader and editor unless you can pay for good writing.

    After a while writing is fun as you can express yourself. Just remember that people reading on the web read at about a grade 6 level so it is best to be conversational in your writing.

    Telling stories is another way to interest people.

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      Never write just because you have to make a post. Instead, write only if you have some value for your readers. It's much simpler then...
      Signature - PPC agency

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    Yep, you can make money by writing.
    But i think it will take time.
    You can hire someone to do for writing jobs
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    If you can program then you can write software. Every software thing I've released has sold, and having a product is a fantastic way to start.

    Love passive income? Make money on hubpages. Make money from ClickBank. Preserve your new wealth by investing in gold.

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    If you are total newbie to the article writing then I suggest to search for article marketing tips here in this forum. You will get plenty of invaluable tips, techniques and strategies of article marketing.

    The process of article marketing itself is very simple and straightforward. There are basically 3 things which you will need to focus:

    1) Proper Keyword Research

    2) Proper Article Writing Technique

    3) Proper Backlinking Strategy

    If you learn these 3 things well and implement them on a consistent basis then you are guaranteed to earn some good monthly income to show to your family.
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    You may want to have affiliate marketing and PPC campaigns. I think the best way still to earn money is through making content or write articles. If you don't have any time or if you don't want to spend most of your time writing articles and do other stuff then it is time to hire someone to work for you.

    I got my virtual assistant to write articles for me and other stuff like bookmarking, link building, etc.

    If you need where to hire good people:

    warriors for hire section
    Find a real, online job! | Home
    Hire Filipinos - Find Online Workers in the Philippines | EasyOutsource - Careers Resources and Information.

    Hope this helps =)

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    The online world is working because of words. Salespages, blogs, and even forums such as this uses words. This means that you absolutely need to write (or have other people write for you) if you want to survive in this business. And don't think that because you cannot write now, you will not be able to. It never hurts to start learning.

    As with your problem, you may be missing promotion. Are you simply writing articles and not promoting them? Then, that may be the reason why you are getting very little traffic.
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    Trust me you are not the only one who would have liked to make money online without writing. You can outsource but if you are new to IM I would guess you would not want to be spending money just yet.
    I do believe that writing is one of those things that can become enjoyable as you get into the swing of things especially if you are writing about things you are interested in.
    Good luck and do let me know if you find a way of making money that involves absolutely no writing.
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      If you don't write, you could either hire it done or do PPC. However, both can be expensive. If you want quality articles that drive traffic instead of pollute the Internet, you'll pay more. If you want to do PPC (pay per click) advertising, that can cost you an arm and a leg - and I've heard of a lot of affiliates getting out of that routine because of the Google slaps, restrictions and high cost.

      So if you're new and have a low budget, I highly recommend that you get typing

      Learn how you can get paid writing online with NO startup money! I will help you make part-time or full-time income as a freelance writer at No previous writing experience necessary!

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    Most IM'ers start out with article marketing, because it is free. Do you necessarily have to go that route? No. You can outsource the articles. That, or pay per click advertising is your two best routes to getting started.
    Signature - Blogger. Content Creator. Social Media Enthusiast.
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