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Hey everyone! I am working on a new product that will be based on an exclusive interview with the man that was voted the best internet marketer in the world for 2007. I do not want to give away too much about what I am working on with him but I do want some feedback from you all about what you might like to see included.
So with that being said......
I would like to know what you feel is the most difficult part about creating a new product?!

It doesnt matter if you think your question or statement is silly or not worth asking...ask or say it anyway...you will be suprised how many people are wondering the same thing.

Once the product is finished I will be giving everyone here in WF the chance to get it at a VERY discounted price BEFORE it is released to the public!

Thank you all for your help and participation.
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    When you say "most difficult part about 'Creating' a new product", do you technically mean the development aspect of creating it, or an overall product life cycle including marketing it?

    I would say two things can become major hurdles -

    1. Marketing, specially if you have a competition and of course if your product has a huge value, making your potential customers aware of it's availability is tough. You need a very comprehensive sales letter that covers every aspect of the usability and benefits of your product.

    2. Support - If you are making a software product, technical support can pull you down big time. Make sure you Beta Test the product as much as you could ... get people, Warrior Forum has people who can help you with that ...

    That would be my 2 cents

    Raakesh (Blokh)
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    Thanks for your imput. I appreciate it!
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    I guess the most difficult part of is manufacturing because it takes a lot of process...
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      Just curious, who voted to make this man the best of 2008?
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    I didn't get to vote!
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      I did not vote too.

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    This event was a "showdown" between the top 50 internet marketers.
    Some of the nominees were Mark Joyner, Yanik Silver, Perry Marshall, Brad Fallon, Rich Schefren,Mike Filsaime and Russell Brunson
    They all held webinars to try and persude people to vote for them.

    It's basically a promotion in which everyone gives a presentation
    and people vote for the online marketer of the year.

    The contest is broken down into several categories consisting of:
    Internet marketer of the year
    List builder of the year
    Affiliate Marketer of the Year
    Business development coach of the year
    Copywriter of the year
    Free traffic generator of the year
    Paid traffic generator of the year
    Direct Marketing Genererator of the year
    Free Press Seminar Marketer of the year.
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