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Hi everyone
I'm sitting here in "sunny" UK (which makes a nice change that the sun is still shining ! ) and I've been working on building my lists and thought I'd send this across in the forum in case it helps anybody whose having trouble starting or expanding their list.

Here are my top tips on creating a good list. These tips have helped me so I hope they will help at least some people get started in their endeavours in building a list.

They are by no means set in stone and would appreciate any comments or additions to this obviously - but I hope this initial list will get the ball rolling for people (so to speak).

1. Create a good landing page
(It should be well-designed & professional looking) If you don't have
any design skills you can outsource this to someone who can do it
for you.

2. Put an optin-form on your landing page offering a FREE gift to
encourage your visitors to sign in with their name/email details
(Make sure your freebie is of a good high quality because the
subscribers on your list will judge you on the worthiness of your
products and services based on the freebies they get

3. Create a good content site (ie. WP blog). Interesting and helpful
information will keep visitors coming back. Keep adding fresh
content and add a link to your sales page(s) or affiliate page
(depending on what you're promoting).

4. Try and use the product that you're offering yourself.
Customers like to know that the review/recommendation is from first
hand experience and you don't want to be recommending something
to buy if it's not worthy.

If you are selling a product/book/service yourself then make sure
that it has mass appeal and will benefit the target audience that
you plan to market it to.

5. Provide good customer service. To me this is the number one way
to stay ahead of the game. If you keep your customers happy and
you resolve any questions or complaints immediately then you are
more likely to win their trust.

6. Reward customers who refer others to you. This is a simple way
to build trust and loyalty.

7. Keep your customer's information private. Tell them that you will
NOT share his/her personal information and then don't share it with
anyone. You will ruin your reputation.

and finally ........

8. Remain truthful and honest in all you do. Don't lie and try to trick
your customer. Be who you are and you will do well in your business
and also in building your list.

These are the guidelines that I follow and I hope that it's a start in helping others in building their lists and (obviously) building their business.

Good luck everybody
Onwards & Upwards

Carol Thomas

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  • I think another important aspect is to look after people once they have subscribed to your list. They need to know who you are and open your e-mails. That means contacting them on a regular basis, and not using 'trick' subject lines to get them to open your e-mails (they might do so once, but you'll get plenty of unsubscribes subsequently).

    Provide the right mix of information and sales for the type of niche list that you're building. If you can establish a community aspect to your list, whether that's through continued discussion outside the list, a linked blog, or a linked forum, you have more chance of a longer term business thriving on the back of it.


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    4. Try and use the product that you're offering yourself.
    Customers like to know that the review/recommendation is from first
    hand experience and you don't want to be recommending something
    to buy if it's not worthy.
    This is important when you sell anything.
    As a buyer I want more than testimonials from unknowns.
    I get blasted from emails all selling the same thing
    It's obvious that most have never even tried the product
    and are just affiliates.

    Tell me an honest story about how you use this,
    no pictures of checks or paypal statements.

    As Carol mentioned, they really need to know who you are!
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    And sending qualified traffic to your landing page.
    Affiliate Marketing explained for beginners >>
    www.SuperAffiliateMarketingTrick.com <<
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    All good tips. Just remember to focus on traffic generation and conversions as well, because at the end of the day the more targeted traffic you get, the bigger your list will be, and the more money you will make.
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      Hey Carol

      Thanks for the great tips.

      Here's some other tips when building your list.

      Test your signup opt-in process and check all the links to make sure everything is 100% ready for people to start signing up.

      Keep your subject line at about 40 characters long (or 6 words)

      subject should be clear on what the email is all about, while being short, concise, informative and to the point.

      Never promise something in the subject line that you don't deliver on in the email

      Adding the person's name to the subject line can greatly increase the chance that the email will get opened, read and acted on.

      When writing an email, keep it quick and to the point for maximum effectiveness. Take out anything that isn't necessary

      2 to 5 short paragraphs consisting of no more than 2 to 4 sentences each is a good length for an email. Write your emails like you are talking one on one with the actual person.

      Focus on the reader, not yourself. Try to use the words 'you,' 'your' and 'yours' frequently. Use the word 'you' more than 'we' or 'I.' People don't really care that much about how great you are

      Tell them about a huge benefit or how to solve a problem or red hot information they can expect to receive by visiting the link in the email and how it can impact their life.

      use shorter lines.after about 45 characters make a new line. It's easier to read, won't get cut off and is much more impacting than regular text.

      The best time to mail is around 8am EST if mailing from Tuesday - Thursday, 6am if you are sending on Friday, 9am for a Monday or 7am on the weekend.

      On Monday, you don't want to hit people's inboxes until they've had a chance to clear out some of the weekend clutter


      Forgot one other important thing that makes me quite a bit of money with my list.

      A quick and easy method to make money from your list is to promote PPL programs.

      It could be a free download, a special gift, a free trial or even completing a short survey from another marketer.

      To find PPL programs to promote, you can join affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Azoogle, Peerfly, Neverblueads, or do a google search for your niche pay per lead (or ppl) program."

      The trick to succeeding with this model is finding good offers that your list will be interested in. Many times you'll earn extra commission if your lead later signs up as a paying member, so it is worthwhile spending a bit of time finding high quality programs to promote.

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