Offline Marketing - is it worth it ?

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I've recently been doing some research regarding offline marketing and wondered what people's views were on this ?

Here some of my ideas that I've used in the past which may help some people if you're thinking about doing any offiline marketing.

I've used my free local newspapers - you could place a small ad in a weekly paper (often for peanuts or even for free - check around as we have 3 local papers delivered each week and I placed a small ad in one of them for nothing and got some local traffic). I've also put up an A4 flyer in the window of my local newsagent. Make the flyer eye-catching, colourful, with a clear, concise call to action. Make your website url stand out so that people will remember it if they don't have a pen handy to write it down. Lots of people look at those ads and you could get some word-of-mouth recommendations as well.

Bulletin boards at colleges can also be a great place to advertise (depending on your niche).

If you already have some local offline customers send them to your website as well and tell them to sign up to your list. That way you can keep in touch with both potential and current customers at the same time - informing them of new products or services - any discounts etc.

You can also ask your offline customers (after you've done some work for them) if you could leave some business cards on their premises with your website address/contact details - another way of getting new customers, along with word-of-mouth recommendation from that happy business owner.

Any other ideas/suggestions would be great - but hope this helps some people to start with.

Good luck and Happy Hunting
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