Attract Buyers and Affiliates Using The Replication Loop Method

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What Is The Replication Loop Method?

The Replication Loop Method is based on the concept of Incentive Marketing, wherein prospective customers who choose to opt in are offered high value items for free, discounted or cash equivalents in exchange for the purchase of low cost items and participation in a referral points program of the low cost purchase.

How Does The Replication Loop Method Work?

Once the customer opts-in through the low value purchase and participates through the referral points program, based on the predetermined amount of referrals the customer generates whom opt-in through the low cost purchase, will receive the higher value item or cash equivalents in exchange for user generated referral points.

Why Does The Replication Loop Method Work?

No matter the sum, once a prospective customer is financially invested in low value opt-in purchases in order to acquire the higher value item, the likely-hood of their participation in the referral points program is increased.

Why Do Other Methods Of Incentive Marketing Fail In Comparison To The Replication Loop Method?

Simply put typical incentive based programs offer generalized opt-in purchases with nothing in relation to the higher valued item being offered.

Typical incentive based programs offer low value items purchased through affiliate networks. One problem arises with many incentive based sites is the problem of affiliate network scrubbing, wherein networks void a small percentage of affiliate commissions due to fraudulent or questionable purchases or as a general practice to pad their own bottom line.

There also seems to be a lack of network advertisers who wish to have their affiliate program associated with incentive based sites.

Also one must wait until the networks approve commissions which may take anywhere from 15 days to 30 days.

This is where The Replication Loop Method excels. The low value opt-in item is directly related to the higher valued incentive item in the form of a time based membership purchased directly from your merchant or paypal account and the funds are made available immediately.

This time based membership serves to act as a motive point for the buyer as time is limited in order to receive the higher valued item.

What Happens If The User Doesn't Refer The Required Amount Of People?

Optionally they can top up their points through pay pal or other merchant providers in order to receive the higher valued item at a discounted price.

What If The User Doesn't Use Their Points Before Their Membership Expires?

Then all points referred and gained are lost and membership expires. Giving the Site Administrator a huge advantage in profiting on abandoned accounts.

The Key Points Are:
  • Users purchase a low cost time based membership niche specific to the higher valued item being offered as an incentive for joining.
  • Money is sent directly to your paypal or merchant account.
  • User accounts are time based and therefore motivate the user in referring more members.
  • Only members are allowed to refer other members to gain points. Gives an air of exclusivity for the User. Optionally you can offer points for User generated content for things like forum post, commenting, poll taking, banner clicking, etc.
  • If the user account remains inactive or expires all points generated are lost allowing the site administrator to profit from abandoned member accounts.
I find it easy to build profitable sites using this method.
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