Creating Your Own Facebook Application

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Has anyone attempted or been successful with creating a Facebook Application for the use of expanding their business?
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    I've created applications, I have a developer who I go to with my ideas and he does basically all the programming work. I haven't had any that took off virally, they all "stalled" with a low user base but expanding my current sites wasn't my goal. I was more looking to capitalize on getting the application popular to run CPA offers.
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    Yes, I have researched and tested a bunch of 'facebook apps' and I have found this one to be the best:

    "Create your own social network, quickly and easily. Elgg allows you to take full advantage of the power of social technology with elegant, flexible solutions for organisations, groups and individuals. "

    P.S. there are so many stable 'social network apps' out there, that it would be very silly to create one from scratch, unless you had 100k or more to put into development and security.

    Search for 'Open Source' apps and you will find plenty... is another open source app

    A few others that are like blogger, where they allow you to create a free social network: - allows you to setup a free social network on their servers... you have the option of installing it on your own server...

    - Jared


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