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It's easy to come up with 'sexy', catchy names for selling information. For example,

step-by-step guide

However, what sexy, catchy names are there for software?

I've developed some software - cannot say too much due to forum rules - but it is a collection of tools that collects a large amount of useful information. Big problem - what to call the collection of tools.

Only can think of toolbox - any more suggestions would be greatly welcomed.
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    I'd say the term that's commonly used in this context is "suite".



    Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    Kind of hard to help you without knowing what this collection does, but:

    chest or tool chest
    power pack

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, someone changes the rules.

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    Total collector 2010
    Magic collector 2010
    Super collector 2010
    Power collector 2010
    Find your lost xyz 2010

    Many software use prefixes and suffixes. The date is for telling that the software is alive and up to date rather than saying 3.1 or 4.2.123 wich means nothing for the customer
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    Thanks Neil and Dennis.

    I would like to ask for more suggestions.

    You see in the War Room there is a really good thread about alternative names for ebook/information and I think that a similar thread would be useful for software also. (Useful for other Warriors and not just me)

    Secondly, should I use the alternatives of software for my name or use a more sexy, hypey or catchy name, such as:

    Market Samurai
    eBay Crusher
    Google Sniper

    Some ideas I have had are:

    <info> grabber

    <info> cascader

    <info> commander

    The <info> cascader is my favourite one I've come up with because it suggests that it gets lots of the information and sounds catchy because there is alliteration (reapeating same letter sound) with the type of information found. However, a possible problem is that I am not sure how common the word cascade is.
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