The Power of google Alerts

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Any one that isn't using google alerts to keep them informed of the daily posts relative to their keyword is losing a MAJOR marketing tool.

I get alerts each day to any blogs or sites that are posting something about my market.

I've used these posts to update my Squidoo lenses with RSS feeds and just now getting around to feeds on my blog/sites.

You have to filter out the crap as in anything else you do, but I set up an 'alert' for something new I'm doing, and the links and the content I've already seen are enough for me to write multiple articles and reviews (I have a review plug-in on my WP site that I'm doing this with).

I can't think of an easier way to keep an eye on your competition, after all, if it's a static site you'll not get an alert about it, but if someone is updating their content about something you'll have a notice everytime they do something...

Just a thought...

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