UAW - fastest way to turn out a spun article??

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Im interested in using UAW again, however what would be the quickest way to churn out a spun article.

I know outsourcing is prob the quickest way, however I was thinking along the lines of using a spinner etc.
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    I think thebestspinner is a good option. I am looking at getting it after spending a lot on writers.
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      Magic Article Rewriter is great also. A little less functionality perhaps, but very intuitive, and no recurring payment. The Best Spinner has a small annual recurring fee (can't remember amount of top of my head).
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    my personal preference is Magic Article Rewriter. But there are some other good ones available as well.
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      Then can you tell me, if you get UAW how many versions of the article will make?
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    Spinning software = waste of time.

    Rewrite the article 100% by hand. It really doesn't take that long. When you are using a tool with the power of UAW you don't need to be submitting tons of articles. Just do a GOOD job with a few.

    Recent case study I published involving UAW:
    Making Money with Article Marketing and Product Reviews | Replace Myself Bonus
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    Rewriting the paragraphs by hand is really pretty easy and IMHO the fastest way to get spinning done for UAW.

    Just read the paragraph and the regurgitate what it says using different words. You can probably do each article in about 3 minutes if you focus on the task at hand.

    Plus you can be assured that all your articles will be human readable and actually make sense!

    Gone Fishing
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