If you could join only one IM list - what/who would it be?

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Let's say you have to unsubscribe from the rest and read only one person/company newsletter that relates to IM, what would it be?

For me, I'd go with earlytorise.com - I've been a subscriber for about two years - and much of the emails I've received, I actually do saved them on my computer. The stuff written by Michael Materson's is pretty good!

There's hardly any sales pitch or "latest and greatest" product launch of the week, but I've learn so much about Internet marketing and personal growth just from reading Michael Masterson's emails. He doesn't use a pre-made autoresponder like others...some of his indepth newsletter were written just a couple of hours ago and he blast it to his 400K+ list almost every day.

What about you guys?
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