Mac users: Best softwares?

by addice
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Hi guys,

I'm sure many of you here are mac users... And I thought it'd be great if we can share what are some of the best softwares (in your opinion) that you use, especially for things like html editors, photoshop etc?

I searched at The 10 Best Free Web Editors for Macintosh - Best Free Macintosh HTML Editors and have been using Aptana and KompoZer. Both are my favorites.

What about you guys?
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    I use nvu , gimp (graphics program comparable to photoshop).

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    Google these to find em'

    Cyberduck: Free FTP
    Dropbox: Manage files across multiple computers, Mac or PC
    1Password: Password management software
    VLC: Video playback
    Dreamweaver: HTML Editor

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    • 1Password - Password manager, single most used app, plus I use much more secure passwords with it
    • Evernote - Easy note taking and organization (to-do lists, etc.) Helps me keep organized (both Mac & Windows)
    • Screenflow - Screen capture for Mac, started using it before Camtasia had a Mac version. Works great.
    • TextWrangler - Text editor, use it for all my coding, especially php, css & html.
    • Adium - IM client, puts all your IM accounts in one app
    • Tweetie - Mac native Twitter client
    • Image Tricks - Fast and simple image editor, great for fast resizing or cropping of images.
    • NetNewsWire - RSS feed reader
    • xMind - Mind mapping, (Mac & Windows both)

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