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by Ryzon
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Hello Everyone,

As you are all familiar, no matter what plan you chose for your IM projects, the first and foremost step is MARKET RESEARCH. Now, I have read my fair share of ebooks, reports etc... and found out a gazillion ways to do reserach like which products are people lookin for now? What is my competition? etc....
BUT, the basic question that I am looking for is, How to find out which is the most profitable market/niche?. I want to know which niche has the most profit especially in affiliate marketing ? Yours answers would be really appreciated.

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    If I understand your question correctly then you want to know what market is the best??

    The three biggest ones are health,wealth and lifestyle.
    You can drill down into these to find many profitable niches.

    Health: could be diet,weight loss,medical issues etc
    Wealth: work from home,internet marketing,business opportunity etc
    Lifestyle: Mind body and spirit (this is doing well now),home care etc.

    For affiliate products to promote there are a lot of sites, I prefer to use

    Hope this helps and answer your question,if not let me know!!

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      If I understand your question correctly then you want to know what market is the best??
      Hey Werna,

      Hmmm... I appreciate your point, but my question was 'How do I know which niche has the most $$$$ per transaction'?
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    Hi Ryzon,

    All keywords/niches can be profitable if you meet your markets needs.

    Keep in mind that using off the beaten path keywords you can litterally get in a market where there is no competition and make tons of profit by giving your visitors what they want.

    Do not fall into the "there has to be buyers in a niche" for it to be profitable.

    With that said check out my keyword research video about how i use trigger words to find profitable niches fast...

    Finding A Niche

    let me know your thoughts ive used this to make a ton.

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      You're not going to like the answer I'm going to give you.

      If you totally focus on just what niche out there has the most people spending
      tons of money, you are possibly (and I'm saying possibly, so don't you all
      go jumping all over my ass) setting yourself up for some major failure.

      The niches pulling in the most bucks also have the most competition, and I'm
      talking about major players.

      Are you ready to go up against WebMD in the health area?

      Think about your answer.

      You will probably be better off tackling a mid level niche where there is
      some decent money, if not great, where you won't have nearly as much
      competition and might actually make some money out of this.

      But naturally, you'll do whatever you want so to answer your question, I
      have no idea what the biggest niches are.

      Truthfully, unless you have hard and fast income numbers industry wide (I
      know I don't) nobody here can swear on a stack of bibles what the biggest
      money making niches are.

      Sure, we can all take educated guesses based on what we see, but to
      know for certain...nope, not going there.

      Having said that, you can't go wrong with any of the following niches
      based on what I see on TV.

      Weight Loss
      Body Building
      Sex (Porn)

      I think you're looking at some mega numbers above.

      Good luck cracking those babies.
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        Hey RYzon,
        If you have a niche in mind, you can find out if it is active by doing a few things.

        Check out the number of Adwords advertisers (pay per click) in your proposed niche. If it runs to a couple of pages, then you can be sure that there is money to be made in that niche else advertisers would not waste their time and money.

        Get yourself a free account in and you will get an idea of the ads that have run for a considerable amount of time in your selected niche.

        Check out to see if the niche you have in mind is part of a popular top level category (health, make money at home etc)

        Check out Clikcbank and Amazon to gauge the popularity of the niche.

        These are a few checks you can do before actually finalizing your niche.
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        You're not going to like the answer I'm going to give you.
        I do like your answer. Even though it was critical, it was sincere and straight to the point. I will think about it!.
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    The internet marketing niche is always fair game. Plenty of money in it even though it can take some people a while to really break into.

    Kind Regards,
    Sid Poudyal

    Send me a PM for anything, anytime. Seriously.

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    I am going to propose a slightly different alternative here - it is all very well asking about the most profitable niches, but they are all relative. There are now literally thousands and thousands of people searching for little known topics like how to build a garden shed, or how to do hydroponic gardening and things like that. Those type of niches - really focused ones - are a lot easier to rank for on Google and to attract customers - the people who are searching for these particular search terms are already looking to buy or at least absorb the information you can give them.

    I would recommend going onto a site like Yahoo Answers and finding out what are the most popular questions asked and what sort of information are people looking for when they are asking these questions. Then I would do a keyword check and see if there is any competition in Adwords (so you can be sure people are paying money in your niche) and then build a mini-site, blog and/or product on that.

    Once you have made some initial money from promoting these obscure niches, then you will also have a good system in place to start tackling some of the larger niches, like weight loss, dating and making money.

    Best of luck and if you have any questions just PM me
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    There is no specific answer to your question because your profit will depend on your ROI which in turn depends on how much you spend. So a niche for me might be profitable but for you it might not be because I spend less (and vice versa). But since you asked about affiliate marketing, here are a few guidelines you can use:

    Look for how many competitors (other affiliates) you have for that product. If it's a CB product, this is easily determined by the gravity. You may want to think again about marketing a product with a gravity score of several hundreds. Due to the intense competition, your PPC cost will be high and ranking in the SE would be more difficult also.

    Research how many low competition keywords there are for that niche. The more you find, the more profitable that niche would be for you.

    Once you determine the niche, find a good product. Check the commissions (this is obvious), if there is a continuity program, OTO etc for it.
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    Forget about money.

    Learn the basics first, then build as you learn.

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    Instead of focusing which is the best niche, why not start something you are really passionate about instead as a start. If you just focus on money all the time and the passion is not there, you will burn out over is too short to spend on something that you dont care about..

    Digital Marketing Consultant since 1998. Contact me for a free consultation.

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