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Good morning all,

I have just "stumled" into the world of IM and i'm seriously considering investing some time and money into it.Currently i'm an electrician but would love to do college at night but not sure what course/qualification i require in order to get into IM-if any.

Sorry for such a "loose" question but just looking for some advice on weather to become a web designer or bung myself up with books on IM.

Any suggestions would be greatfully apprerciated.

All the best for now
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    They once called me "Sparky" on the job too. Don't spend any money yet dude. Just camp out on this forum for about 3 weeks and read until your eyes hurt, then read some more. You will have an idea where you want to go from there.

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      Thanks Don,

      That makes Sense,just got to get my glasses and tea ready

      Thanks again
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        The best words said, for someone starting off

        "Don't spend any money"

        Actually for someone who is starting off everything you need is here.

        The only thing you might have to spend some money on is domain names or hosting.

        Even then there is ways around this.

        Everything in business still holds true in IM.

        Find a hungry crowd and sell them what they are hungry for.

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          Well I am not saying you won't have to spend money. I think that is a major problem for a lot of people. They try to do this without spending money and that is one hell of an uphill climb. You will need to spend money eventually, but not on the ebook of the week coming out of the great guru circle jerk.

          If I were you I would learn how to build a website and I would start digging into Google Adwords. In my opinion that is how you can build a fulltime income in the least amount of time. I can help you learn how to build sites. Just send me a PM if you are interested in spending about 5 hours to do it.

          Hint--> Spin Your Web Videos (I'll set you up a complimentary membership if you will commit the time to act upon it.)

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            Thanks again for the tips.

            I'm going to browse this site in it's entirety and hopefully I will come to the correct decisions with help from members
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              First, no matter what anyone tells you, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, write a DIY book on do it yourself electrical projects. The lawsuit hairs on the back of my neck just stood up, LOL.

              Second, start by assessing your strengths and weaknesses...

              Can you write, design a website, do graphics.

              If you can write but none of the other stufff, you can learn it, (time consuming), outsource (risky and expensive) or trade with someone who can do the other stuff.

              Then, make a business plan.
              If you're a writer, make a plan to sell your writing...

              How do you sell writing,

              ebooks, sell them yourself, have affiliates sell them, sell them as PLR on or off a membership site, etc etc...

              Part of your business plan will be knowing what you can write about, etc, where to find the people who will buy it, (writers forums, lance sites, WF) etc

              Two key components of a good business plan,

              A Marketing Plan and a Financial Plan.

              How much money do you have to invest in your business?

              Figure out how you will divide it up,

              $100.00 budget

              $10.00 domain name
              $10.00 hosting
              $ 5.00 for some PLR crap you got on ebay that you dont know what to with (yet)
              $25.00 adwords campaign to drive some traffic, etc etc

              then, be sure to set aside the percentage of the revenue the site produces for more reinvestment,

              Another domain name
              A ghost written ebook
              A little bit better PLR crap from ebay....


              My favorite research tools: Ebay, Warrior Forum WSO section,

              See what people are BUYING and then build your business plan around the projected revenues based on your research. Then you should be able to predict making $500 a month, $2000 a month, or $10,000 a month, and from there, you can determine how much to set aside to reinvest.

              Unitl then, don't buy a damn thing.

              Good luck.

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                Keep you wallet hidden my friend... There are many Gurus eyeing it

                On a serious note, you can consider starting with Bum Marketing . It is perfect for beginners and you don't require to spend any money.. You will have to work hard though and you'll learn a lot about Internet Marketing..

                Check it out here

                Bum Marketing Method - Free Traffic Tips

                (Not an affiliate link)


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    IMHO, learn the business of marketing first. Get on every list of everyone. Stay on the ones you like, get off the ones you don't.

    Start compiling material on each aspect of your business...website building, hosting, A/R's, merchant accounts, product and most of all...learn how to drive traffic.

    Oh yeah. Whenever possible, get on free teleseminars like the one at:
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