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Hi Guys long time reader, first time poster. I have looked everywhere for an answer to this question: Is there a limit to the number of "likes" a facebook user can do in an hour or a day or from a particular website??
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    According to an article on Binkd.com the limit on likes is 500. You can only like 500 pages total. This is not in an hour or a day, this is ever! Crazy if you ask me.
    Here is the link

    The Facebook Like Limit – A World Where No One Can Like You | binkd
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    YEs the limit is 500 likes . Strange

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    Yes, they only allow users to "Like" 500 things.

    I cringe when I see friends "liking" everything under the sun. Many of those "likes" and their apps can get you into trouble. Mashable recently had an article about these apps letting FB accounts get hacked.

    Once in a while, I clean up my "Likes."
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      This is why I don't have a Facebook account; I am not limited in how much I am allowed to like.


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