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Sorry to ask something thats out of left etc, I'm researching for products that might be available online and I'm reading the google ads down the right side of page. Trouble is that I'm in NZ and all the darn ads are from NZ, which is not the puddle I want to look at, I want the USA.
I can force the system to go to instead of, but the ads are still nz based.
I tried asking google and have had no answer for 48 hours.
Is this one of those google limitations?
thanks BR88
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    get a US based VPN and dial into that so Google thinks you're in the US because of your IP. Use for instance.
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    It still is getting your NZ i.p.

    You need to go through a proxy in the USA and type in

    The only problem with some of these proxies is that they strip out the Adwords code and you see nothing down the right hand side -so just keep trying other proxies.

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    Thank you , awesome help!
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